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Can You Learn to Code on Your Phone?

Learn to Code on smartphone
Over time, coding has grown to join some of the highest-paid skills. And while learning to code takes time, you don’t have to be...

Windows 11 Arrives On October 5

Coming Soon Windows 11
Microsoft has confirmed the availability of Windows 11, its new operating system, after presenting it last June with a new design and functionalities. Windows 11 will...

Google Plans To Introduce Its Own Processor For Chromebooks And Tablets...

Google processor news and stories
The Pixel 6, which will hit stores sometime before the end of the year, will be Google's first device powered with its own SoC, Tensor. And it...

11 things it takes to be a successful online entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship news and stories
Entrepreneurship is a mindset. A positive and a sharp one. It is about having a dream of doing something for yourself (or for the...