Artifact: The AI-Based News App by Instagram Founders Goes Public with New Social Features

Artifact, an AI-powered news app created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, the co-founders of Instagram, has gone public with new social features. 

The app aims to deliver personalized news content without sign-up requirements. Users can upload their contacts and check popular articles among friends. Artifact’s algorithms also personalize news feeds based on the user’s interests and reading history.

The app’s first social feature allows users to upload their contacts to see what articles their friends are reading. A badge appears next to popular articles among the user’s contacts. However, the app does not reveal which friends have read a particular article or the number of people reading it.

Artifact is currently in beta, with plans to introduce more social features enabling users to share and comment on articles within the app. The app can already group articles into narrower topics and provides users with statistics on their reading preferences. The app offers feedback controls that let users personalize their browsing experience.

Systrom told TechCrunch that Artifact’s algorithms could visualize which categories and publishers’ users read the most, making it easier to tailor their news feeds. If a user doesn’t like a particular article or publisher, they can provide feedback to the app to reduce the number of articles displayed from that source.

In conclusion, Artifact’s AI-based approach to personalized news delivery is an exciting development. With new social features, users can share and discover articles with their contacts. While the app is currently in beta, it has the potential to become a popular news app that combines the best of AI-based content curation with social media features.

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