5 Best Duplicate Content Checker Apps for Android

Plagiarism is the most threatening act for almost every blogger, student, and other writing filed related persons. It will be the most alarming factor for you if you are following plagiarized content. 

You should not publish a single-page content on your platform without checking its uniqueness. Such careless actions will harm your integrity and you may have to pay a penalty to search engines. You have nothing to do but pick a reliable tool from a vast collection available over the internet. Without an excellent tool, you may not be able to check your text for exact results. In turn, you will be found guilty of the unethical act named plagiarism. There are various penalties that search engines will impose on you in terms of rank and audience. 

In this article, we will show you a well-researched list of the best duplicate content checker for mobile. You will read about them briefly to choose the perfect one for your job. 

Why should we get an android application to check for plagiarism?

With the advancement in technology, every blogger wants to interact with his work using his mobile. 

The time has gone when the people had to sit in front of the computer and complete their work. Almost 80% of bloggers, students, and other persons share their blogs, papers, or documents using their mobiles. They all want to check the plagiarism of their content using the same device. 

If you are one of those, be relaxed because you are just around the corner to win the world with your content. 

5 Best Duplicate Content Checker Apps

Like web versions, there is a huge list of applications to check plagiarism-free on your device. So, the task to find the best one has become more complicated than ever. 

Let’s read about the best list of android applications to complete this job finely. 


Prepostseo is providing the best service to many students and bloggers with its reliable plagiarism check tool. You may be aware of the web version of this tool from where you can check the content and get the report. 

In the same way, you can download this plagiarism checker and use it on your mobile. If you love to do so, the platform will provide you the same results. 

Prepostseo 1

You can check your work similarities easily without facing any problem. It will be super simple for anyone to use it because of the user-friendly interface of the tool. Being a checker, you can download this application and start working from anywhere. It has removed the limits and thought like how to check for plagiarism using mobile. 

Prepostseo 2

It is the free online plagiarism checker with a percentage. You will get the source link and an exact estimation of what you have copied from them. Go get this application and make your work easier and quicker for better outcomes. 


It is mostly used by students and teachers because of its little bit of biased framework. A lot of instructors find it the best tool to evaluate student’s papers and reduce their work in similarity. 

A student can get this application and check the uniqueness of their assignments before submitting their work. 


You can do this simply by copying and pasting your content in the given section of the application. Within a fraction of time, the tool will show you how much content of yours is unique and how much is copied. The students use it to check their assignments before submitting them. But the teachers use it to evaluate the student’s writings and release their grades. 

The only thing that restricts many users to come and get this application is the display of annoying ads. This application will keep showing ads that may slow down your work. Overall, it is a reliable application to check for plagiarism on a mobile device. 

Plagiarism Checker

Do you want to get an android application with outstanding results? You are just at the right place. This application will provide you results like you are working with Turnitin. 

It is considered the best application because you can remove plagiarism and reduce grammar mistakes with this single tool. You will get the results of your work in a percentage format. By pasting your content, the tool will start checking line by line. 

Plagiarism Checker

There will be very little chance that you will find undesirable results. With a thorough check, you will get exact similarity results with this tool. Overall, it is the perfect android application for bloggers and students. Most of the students use this application because they will get a deep check with it. There is only one drawback of this free plagiarism checker that is the availability of promotional ads. 

The application will show ads on every part of your device’s screen. It is the most annoying act due to which many users leave this platform.

Plagiarism Removal

You can say that it is a mixture of various tools available on the internet for plagiarism checking and grammar checking. Yes, this application will allow you to perform multiple tasks. 

The tool has been designed on an AI basis to avoid errors and unexpected conditions. Therefore, you will get almost 100% authentic outcomes. To check your content, you only have to paste your content in the given section of the application. It will deep check for plagiarism and show you the best matches of your writings. 

Plagiarism Removal

Now, you can remove it manually or by using the same tool. Here, you will find an option of plagiarism removal that you can use in this regard. After completion of this process, no tool or application will be able to detect plagiarism in your work. Download this tool and enjoy its reliable working unless you feel irritated by ads. 

You will find too many ads on your device screen when using this application. It is the main and sole drawback of this android application. 


If you are looking for an android application working on an algorithm similar to Google, you should download this. Being a person from any writing field, you can paste your content to check for plagiarism deeply. 


It is a completely free mobile application to check the uniqueness of your writing. You will not be charged for any hidden expenses while using this application. This application will give you accurate and reliable results without paying anything to anyone. In addition, you can add your email to get reports of your work. 

Many instructors use this feature to attach them to student’s evaluation periods. All in all, it is one of the best applications for android users to check plagiarism in their content. 

How android application is good for plagiarism checking?

Android applications are good for you if you have no time to sit in front of your laptop or computer. It is the best way to deal with such conditions and complete your job precisely. 

With a mobile application, you will be able to:

  • Complete your job quickly
  • Can work from anywhere at any time
  • Lightweight applications to work with
  • Accurate and authentic results to resolve issues
The Final Views

All the above-discussed mobile applications are up to the mark to get reports of your work. You can download any of them to avoid any unexpected outcome in the future. You can easily remove the duplication from your content and stand confidently while submitting your work.

Rakesh Babu
Rakesh Babu
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