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NVIDIA Surpasses USD 1 Trillion

NVIDIA Surpasses $1 Trillion in Market Capitalization Fueled by Generative AI

Nvidia became the first chipmaker to surpass $1 trillion in market capitalization thanks to the rise of generative AI.Last week, NVIDIA announced in its mid-week Q1 2023 quarterly report that the company's CEO, Jensen Huang said the company...

Shutterstock Acquires Giphy from Meta after UK Regulators Block Acquisition

After facing regulatory obstacles in its acquisition of Giphy, Meta has decided to sell the popular GIF platform to stock photo provider Shutterstock for $53 million. The sale is expected to be completed in June, and it...
free online presentations tools

8 Best free online presentations tools to create slides without PowerPoint

We use Microsoft PowerPoint for presentations for our personal, professional, and educational projects. What about trying something new — online presentations tools to create presentations without PowerPoint.Although we are familiar with PowerPoint, and it's...
Samsung Google Search No Bing

Samsung Suspends Plans to Switch Default Search Engine from Google to Microsoft Bing

In an unexpected change of events, Samsung is said to have halted internal discussions on replacing Google Search engine on its devices with Microsoft Bing. The earliest reports of the possible switch created quite a...
Boost Efficiency And Productivity

Controversy Erupts as Big Tech Companies Hire Low-Wage Foreign Workers Following Mass Layoffs

In a concerning trend, several major tech companies are reportedly hiring foreign workers at low wages shortly after announcing significant layoffs. Despite cutting a substantial portion of their workforce, companies like Meta, Amazon, and...
Google Generative AI into Advertising Tools

Google to Follow Meta’s Lead by Incorporating Generative AI into Advertising Tools

Following Meta's recent announcement about integrating generative AI into its advertising tools, it appears that Google, the internet advertising giant, is also set to embrace this technology in its own advertising business. According to...
MediaTek Dimensity 9000

MediaTek to Partner with NVIDIA for Next-Gen GPU in Flagship Chipsets

Rumours are swirling about a potential partnership between MediaTek and NVIDIA that could revolutionize the mobile chipset market. MediaTek, known for using Arm's Mali GPU in its Dimensity 9200+, may be looking to collaborate...
online user data leak

How to keep your online business safe from digital threats

Businesses need to be more aware of online security every year, as the number of potential threats increases and criminals find new ways to defraud organizations.Cybercrime has grown over the last few decades to...