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Geographic Information Systems

How Geographic Information Systems are Helping Businesses Map Out their Success

Data presents the single greatest opportunity for businesses to create long-term, sustainable success. Big data are being used by organizations across the globe to dig deep into understanding the knowledge economy, discovering new ways...
Cloud Migration

Reasons for Cloud Migration, Recognizably Discussed: Significance and Considerations

What is Cloud Migration? Why do businesses need to migrate to Cloud? Despite the significance that comes with cloud migration, there are main things you need to consider.  Cloud computing, popularly referred to as ‘cloud,’...
Protect Your Business

Barcoding IT Assets in Your Business

In today's high-tech world, technology plays an increasingly important role in virtually every business. If your company is still using antiquated techniques like ledger books or even spreadsheets to manage IT assets, both time...
AMD Acquired Xilinx

AMD Acquired Xilinx For $35 Billion In Shares

AMD has announced that it has reached an agreement with Xilinx management on the complete takeover for $35 billion and will be paid entirely in AMD stock. The new company should be in place...
Chat mail stories

Two Ways to Perform Data Migration from Thunderbird to Outlook

Each user has their own reason for moving from one e-mail manager to another. However, there is also a distinctive similarity — the painfulness of data transfer procedures, which can cause loss of personal...
iPad technology

The Benefits of Using Self-Service Kiosks While the Hotel Industry Resumes Business During the...

The hotel industry has opened its doors to the customers post the Covid-19 lockdown. However, they have to take several measures to ensure that the premises stay safe for use for their guests.While it...
Business collaborations

5 Technological Tools Every Forward-Thinking Business Must Adopt

Running a profitable business is not an easy task.Thankfully, existing and emerging technologies can make things easier for the enthusiastic entrepreneur. Think about saving time, cutting costs, seamless collaboration, easier data management, and a...
PayPal Wallet news and stories

PayPal Will Allow Buy And Sell Cryptocurrencies From 2021

The web payments giant is preparing for the revolution — starting from the beginning of 2021, PayPal will make it possible to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and use them for payments.The confirmation comes from...