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CES stories and news

CES 2021 will be held virtually due to the coronavirus

A new event joins the trend of the digital format — the Consumer Electronics Show, the world's largest technology fair, will be held 100% online in January 2021. It...
How to Attract Users to Your Marketplace

How Technology Is Changing The Face Of Marketing

Understanding how to efficiently market your brand and products to a select target audience can be a challenge, particularly when it comes to marketing. However, it is not impossible to find with...
Consumers and users

What Factors Contribute to Poor User Experience?

You’ve probably experienced a website that’s either hard to navigate or too slow, which can be frustrating. As a website developer or business owner, understand that a potential customer that’s frustrated with...
online security and protection news

Microsoft announces Project Freta — The most advanced service to eliminate Linux malware

Last week, Microsoft officially unveiled Project Freta — an advanced service for identifying malware in the cloud by scanning VMs and Linux systems.  Project Freta will automate all phases...
Computerized maintenance management system

How can you use CMMS for better preventive maintenance

CMMS is a maintenance software or system which is an integral part of any business as it can help streamline business operations, thus making everything run smoothly without errors. But its performance...
factors choosing web hosting provider

Customer Success Department as a Factor in Choosing a Web Hosting Provider

In our ever-connected world, it is vital to be present and discoverable online. The best way to showcase your product or service to the world is via a website.
Using mobile apps

Top 10 Features For Your Insurance App In 2021

Human error and the inevitability of bad luck make insurance a must for every individual. Each day, people encounter situations that require them to change, alter, or make use of their insurance...
Businesses Should Hire Professional Video Producers

Why Businesses Should Hire Professional Video Producers

With the attention span of your audience getting shorter and shorter, it becomes imperative for you to make the switch from text to visual content or videos on your website. Including videos...