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Greatest Programmers Of All Time Who Help To Shape The IT World

Bill Gates Is Said To Have Been Pressured To Resign From Microsoft Board

Microsoft's board of directors is said to have urged company founder Bill Gates to resign in 2020 because he had a romantic relationship with an employee.According to the Wall Street Journal, at the end of...

Wafer Supply Agreement: AMD Revised Its Exclusivity Agreement With GlobalFoundries

AMD has decided to revise the Wafer Supply Agreement(WSA) with GlobalFoundries. AMD will continue to pay for wafers through the end of 2024 and is expected to spend $1.6 billion. However, all exclusivity obligations...
Artificial Intelligence in Neuro Sciences

Why Artificial Intelligence is Vital in Modern Business Running

Dating back to 1950s, Artificial intelligence (AI) has immensely evolved in the last few decades. Basically, AI boils down to machines undertaking human like tasks. During the infancy stages, AI experts focused on solving...
Matter Smart home standard

Matter: Amazon, Google And Apple Working On A Manufacturer-Independent Smart Home Standard

The CHIP (Connected Home over IP) is a project group working on a manufacturer-independent smart home standard that ensures that devices from different manufacturers can interact without any problems. Amazon, Apple, and Google, along...
Sell Tesla To Apple

Tesla Stops Accepting Bitcoin Payments Because Of Environmental Concerns

Once again, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has caused a lot of movement in the crypto markets. This time he sent the key currency Bitcoin on a downward trend with a tweet. The US electric...
Xbox Consoles

Microsoft Has Never Made A Profit From Xbox Consoles

The first Xbox hit the US market in November 2001 — around 20 years ago. Now Lori Wright, who is responsible for business development at Microsoft, gave a clear answer to a judge's question...
WooCommerce to Shopify

So you’ve decided to move your ecommerce organization from WooCommerce to Shopify?

Good option! Although Cart2Cart can handle both Shopify stock management and WooCommerce inventory management, Shopify is rated higher than WooCommerce in numerous locations.And it's perfect for little to medium merchants, with the abilities to...
Microsoft Acquires Kinvolk

Microsoft Acquires Kinvolk: Berlin-based Cloud Start-up Behind Flatcar Container Linux

After the takeover of the social network LinkedIn for $24 billion and the acquisition of Nuance for $20 billion, now Microsoft is strengthening its business with the cloud by acquiring the Kinvolk — a...