New Features in ChatGPT: Voice Commands and Image Search Unveiled

OpenAI has just dropped a bombshell update that will redefine how we interact with ChatGPT. The new ChatGPT is not just your ordinary text-based chatbot — it’s a multi-modal marvel that understands voice commands and even analyzes images. Initially, these features will be exclusive to ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise subscribers, but don’t fret; they’ll be available to the masses soon enough.

ChatGPT Voice Commands:

With the new ChatGPT voice commands feature, you just have to tap a button, ask your question, and let ChatGPT do the rest. It employs OpenAI’s Whisper model to convert your speech into text, processes your query, and then uses a cutting-edge text-to-speech model to deliver a human-like audio response.

You can choose from five distinct voice tones, tailoring the AI’s responses to match your mood or preference. It’s like having a conversation with a friend who knows just how to speak your language.

Using this technology OpenAI is partnering with Spotify to translate podcasts into multiple languages while preserving the original voice. This upgrade could revolutionize ChatGPT and surpass Alexa and Google Assistant.

ChatGPT Image Search:

Think Google Lens, but smarter. Snap a photo of whatever piques your interest, upload it to ChatGPT, and let the AI work its magic. Whether it’s a historical monument or a rare bird, ChatGPT will not only identify it but also provide rich contextual information.

What sets this feature apart is its interactive nature. If the first answer doesn’t quench your curiosity, you can refine your query. Use the app’s drawing tool to highlight areas of interest or add text-based questions for further clarification.

While these advancements are groundbreaking, they come with their own set of ethical dilemmas. The technology could potentially be misused for impersonation or fraud. OpenAI is aware of these concerns and assures that the model will be tightly controlled, limiting its use to specific cases and partnerships.

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