Google Authenticator Gets Major Overhaul with Cloud Backup Feature

Google Authenticator is a popular standalone two-factor authentication (2FA) app, but it has always had one major flaw. The one-time password generated by the app was incompatible with cloud backup, which meant that if you lost your device, you would also lose access to your codes.

This was a major inconvenience, and losing the key device could result in being permanently locked out of your accounts. However, Google has now announced a solution to this problem.

As part of a major update to Authenticator, Google has introduced a cloud backup feature. This means that users can sync their 2FA codes to their Google account and simultaneously use the Authenticator on multiple devices. Users must sign in to Google to enable syncing and follow the prompts. However, ensuring the Google account is secure is important to prevent intruders from misusing the Authenticator.

While Google still promotes passwordless logins using technologies like Passkeys, the Authenticator update acknowledges that some people still rely on one-time codes. The update promises to alleviate concerns about using these codes until users can migrate to other systems. The update also encourages people who fear losing their smartphones to use two-factor authentication.

Apps like Microsoft Authenticator already have cloud backups, but Google’s tools are very popular. The new cloud sync feature is expected to make a tangible difference, particularly if more apps can use Authenticator as an alternative to traditional passwords.

In addition to the cloud backup feature, Google has introduced a colourful new app icon. The update is a welcome improvement to Google Authenticator, widely regarded as one of the best standalone 2FA apps available. With the new cloud backup feature, users can enjoy the convenience of using the Authenticator on multiple devices without the fear of losing access to their codes.

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