Google rolled out new products and capabilities within its Cloud AI portfolio

Google on Tuesday announced new products and features for its Cloud AI portfolio.

Among them are several new features for Contact Center AI and new versions of Document AI. Besides, enhancements to the AI Platform have also been announced for practitioners of machine learning operations.

Google considers its AI expertise as a key selling point for Google Cloud. “We are steadily transferring advancements from Google AI research into cloud solutions that help you create better experiences for your customers,” Andrew Moore, head of Google Cloud AI & Industry Solutions, wrote in a blog post Tuesday. 

Google’s Contact Center AI (CCAI) software, which was launched last November, enables companies to deploy virtual agents for basic customer interactions. The service promises more intuitive customer support through natural language recognition.

The new features introduced Tuesday include Dialogflow CX, the latest version of Dialogflow, currently in the testing phase. Dialogflow is the development suite for building conversational interfaces, such as chatbots and interactive voice response systems. Dialogflow CX is optimized for contact centers that handle complex conversations and have multiple shifts. It makes it easy to deploy virtual agents and digital channels and offers a new visual builder to create and manage virtual agents.

Google has also updated the assistant agent feature in Contact Center AI, which is responsible for transcribing calls, recommending workflows, and other types of AI-powered assistance for human agents in call centers. The update has launched a new module called Agent Assist for Chat, which provides agents with support by chat, in addition to voice calls, identifying the attempts of the caller, and providing assistance in real-time, step by step.

In addition, Contact Center AI customers can create a unique voice for their virtual agents with Custom Voice, also in the testing phase. With this tool, clients can make changes to their scripts and add new phrases without scheduling study time with voice specialists. Of course, customers have to go through a review process to ensure that their Custom Voice use cases align with Google’s AI principles.

On the other hand, Google Cloud has announced several specific tools for specific sectors. One of them is Lending Document AI, a version of Document AI customized for the mortgage industry. Document AI extracts structured data from unstructured documents. Meanwhile, Lending Document AI, still in the alpha testing phase, specifically processes income and asset documents. This can speed up the loan application process.

Google has also unveiled new features in AI Platform designed for MLOps, such as AI Platform Pipelines, a fully managed service for machine learning flows, which will be available in testing from October. With this service, customers can generate machine learning flows with pre-configured components and templates using TensorFlow Extended, making it easy to deploy models. 

Besides, there is a new Continuous Monitoring service to track the performance of models in production, which is expected to be available by the end of 2020.

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