A Handwritten Job Application By Steve Jobs In 1973 Will Be Auctioned Online

Before becoming the person who changed the world multiple times, Steve Jobs also knocked on the doors of some companies looking for jobs. Yes, the Apple co-founder, like many of us, tried to make his way into the workplace from his youth.

Proof of this is a job application that Jobs himself wrote by hand in 1973 — presumably shortly after Jobs dropped out of his literary studies at Reed College in Portland. And that now, almost four decades later, will be put up for auction.

However, this is not the first time that this document has been auctioned. The previous occasion (2018) sold for $175,000, a fairly high figure that will most likely be surpassed in the second sale. Before that, it was valued at $50,000.

The auction will be carried out through the BidSpotter.co.uk portal. Digital bids will be sent between February 24 and March 24.

Handwritten Job Application By Steve Jobs for auction

Although the job application does not indicate the position to which Steve Jobs aspired. In the questionnaire, Steve Jobs emphasizes his experience with “computers and pocket calculators” and his special skills and inclinations in the field of “electronics technician or development engineer“. It is said that he does not own a phone. Jobs says he has a driver’s license, but not a car.

It is important to remember that, one year after applying, as early as 1974, Steve Jobs got a job as a technician at Atari. In fact, at the historic video game company Jobs became involved in the development of Breakout. At that time, he also met Steve Wozniak, with whom he began to experiment with building home computers. Jobs identified a business opportunity, and they founded Apple in 1976. The rest is history.

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