Mobile Apps and Their Benefits for Different Industries

In the modern world, there is absolutely no need to explain the role of mobile devices in our lives, including business and private spheres and tasks. The level of smartphone penetration in some countries has reached 80%. It’s also worth mentioning that not only young adults and teenagers are active users of mobile apps today. Many seniors are also among the adopters of tech solutions. And this huge involvement of all social groups indicates an increased demand for mobile app development services as the interest in launching their own mobile software products can be also observed among businesses of different types and sizes.

Mobile apps have a wide range of industry-specific benefits but if we need to speak about their advantages in general, the main one is their accessibility. Today we have access to our mobile devices practically 24 hours per day, which means that it is always very simple just to open an app and fulfill the desired task. Sometimes we are too lazy to switch on our computers and laptops but we need just 1 second to take a smartphone from our pocket.

While the use of mobile apps for communication or entertainment seems quite common already and nobody is surprised to see applications of this type, many telemedicine or pet technology solutions can be less known to end users. And in this article, we offer you to have a look at some of the industries where mobile technologies have already occupied an important position or have very high chances for mass adoption already in the nearest future.


Telemedicine and telehealth apps are a very promising segment today. The coronavirus pandemic greatly highlighted the necessity to offer patients the possibility to get the necessary medical assistance without leaving their homes. Modern apps allow people not only to book offline appointments with the help of their smartphones (though this functionality is also quite important) but also to have consultations fully remotely via online chats, calls, or video conferences. 

The most advanced IoT-powered mobile apps can help doctors to monitor patients’ states in real-time and timely react to any critical changes in vital parameters.


Some years ago many eCommerce platforms launched mobile-friendly versions of their websites as they realized the role of mobile devices in people’s lives. However, a little bit later it became obvious that the launch of a full-scale mobile app can positively influence client loyalty and, consequently, boost sales. A modern shopping app can not only provide users with access to a catalog and product descriptions but also with the possibility to make a purchase, quickly and safely pay for it, and then track the process of delivery. Now making purchases online has become as simple as never before. 

Moreover, such apps can be enriched with notification features, and users can be timely informed when there are some special deals or when the goods that were out of stock are available again.


The times when students had only paper books are already in the past. Now the learning process can be much more exciting, engaging, and efficient. With a wide range of mobile apps, students (regardless of their age) get the chance to learn a lot of new information in a simple and interesting format. Gamification and competition very positively influence the educational process and encourage people to learn and practice more. As for teachers, they also can enjoy the benefits of the use of mobile apps. They can get access to students’ results and their progress analytics. With these valuable insights, teachers can adjust the program to the needs of students.

Food and hospitality

Ordering food, searching for the nearest restaurant, or booking a hotel are very simple tasks today as to do it, it will be enough just to open a mobile app. Over the years, these apps have been changed greatly as now they not only provide you with access to maps, menus, or lists but also use AI-powered tools to offer you some attractive variants based on your preferences. Moreover, they can navigate you to a restaurant or hotel and give you the necessary directions.

Logistics and transport 

Such apps can be intended for different target groups. Some of them are created for drivers and their managers, some of them help logistics specialists to track deliveries, and others have useful functionality for vendors and their clients who want to have the latest updates on delivery status. The main goal that unites all these types of apps is to increase the quality of transportation services.

Pet technology solutions

Such apps help pet owners to better take care of their pets. There are different types of mobile applications in this group: from health and activity trackers to smart feeders and toys. Many of these software products are coupled with IoT devices with smart sensors for providing users with advanced functionality and the most relevant data related to their pets, their state, and their location. 


Of course, this list of industries where mobile apps can be highly beneficial is far from being full. Today practically all industries can feel the advantages that these solutions offer. That’s why if you also have an idea for an app that will address your business needs or the needs of your clients, it can be a very appropriate moment to start planning the realization of your project. 

Nethra Gupta
Nethra Gupta
Nethra Gupta, with a Master’s in Tech and Digital Media, she's an expert in the latest tech trends and social media. Recognized in tech forums Nethra is known for her reliable insights. When offline, she loves digital art and gaming.


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