Send HD Images: WhatsApp Unveils High-Quality Image Sharing

WhatsApp introduces a new feature that allows users to send high-quality images. This feature, currently in its beta phase, is being rolled out to both iOS and Android users.

For years, WhatsApp users have been grappling with the issue of image quality degradation due to the app’s compression algorithm. This was a necessary evil to save data and storage space on the recipient’s device. However, the new feature aims to address this issue, providing users with the option to send images in either standard or high-definition (HD) quality.

The standard quality option compresses the image, reducing its size for quicker sending and downloading. On the other hand, the HD quality option maintains the image’s original dimensions, offering a higher resolution image at the expense of a slightly larger file size. 

According to Wabetainfo, even in HD mode, a small degree of compression is applied, but the overall quality of the image is significantly improved compared to the standard mode.

The new HD image sharing is available in the beta version of WhatsApp for iOS and in the for Android. So to access this feature, users need to join the beta program. Android users can do this through the Google Play Store, while iOS users need to download TestFlight and follow the registration process. Once the beta version is installed, users can select the ‘HD’ option in the image editing menu before sending an image.

WhatsApp HD quality images

Despite the excitement around this feature, it’s worth noting that it doesn’t apply to videos or status updates yet. However, with the continuous improvements and updates from WhatsApp, it’s only a matter of time before these features are enhanced as well.

This move by WhatsApp is a response to the long-standing demand from users for better image quality. It also brings the app in line with competitors like Telegram, which already offers high-quality image sharing with a simple tap.

The official release date for this feature in the stable version of WhatsApp is yet to be announced. But given the pace of WhatsApp’s feature rollouts, users can expect to see it in the coming weeks.

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