11 World’s best female hackers

Hacking, the art of writing computer code, and manipulating computer hardware. Every tech geek, for a second in its lifetime, wanted to become a hacker.

If you are thinking the hacking world is a man dominating kingdom then you are wrong, because of a handful of beautiful (and also notorious) women who have found a place in this world. Yes, there are female hackers too 🙂

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Today we are going to create a list of these pretty female hackers who stunned the world by cracking some great security gateways with their excellent programming skills.

World’s best female hackers:

1. Ying Cracker


Ying Cracker is a Chinese hacker from Shanghai. She can be seen as a professor who teaches her students the basics of hacking. So Ying Cracker is a slightly different breed of hackers compared to the rest of the clan. She has never been embroiled in any illegal or unethical work but neither is her work exactly clean either.

She currently makes tailor-made software for corporations that helps them understand how to protect their data better and also offers herself for hire to hack into any software for a fee.

2. Kristina Vladimirovna Svechinskaya


Krisina Svechinskaya remains one of the most well-known names in hacking. This Russian hacker is also a top-notch New York University student, but most will recognize her from a string of high-end hacking jobs that have potentially resulted in millions of dollars lost.

Specializing in the use of Zeus Trojan horses, Svechinskaya attacked thousands of bank accounts, most within the United States, and then created a series of fake accounts through both Bank of America and Wachovia. She then utilized nine other people to create fake passports, but was finally caught and is now under threat of multiple charges. Overall, some authorities estimate that she stole $3 million in as little as a few months.

Kristina was arrested in 2011 but released after signing a bond and paying $25,000 as bail. Had she been convicted, she could have been imprisoned for more than 40 years.

3. Raven Adler


Often recognized as one of the most gifted and intelligent hackers in the world, Raven Adler graduated high school at just 14 and got her college degree at 18. She was the first female to give a presentation at DefCon, one of the world’s most prestigious gatherings of hackers. When asked about it, she told that she should have known for her work in this field, not for her sex.

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She currently helps corporations in protecting their data and other sensitive information. She is a consultant, lecturer, and author who deals in hacking and computer security.

4. Jude Milhon


Jude Milhon began her career as a computer programmer in 1967 and led to the early development of the internet. She then transits her career around hacking and formed the hacking group Cypherpunks. During her lifespan, she argued with those who believed that hacking is nothing but a criminal act.

She contributed to many books regarding hacking and computer programming. She passed away in 2003. One of her best quotes is “Hacking is the clever circumvention of imposed limits, whether imposed by your government, your IP server, your own personality, or the laws of physics.”

5. Xiao Tian


Xiao Tian is a Chinese hacker. She came to prominence when at 19, she formed a female hacking group called “China Girl Security Team”, which the largest female-only hacking group in China, with 2200 members. This group has ties with some of the biggest hacking groups around the world.

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6. Joanna Rutkowska


Joanna Rutkowska set a perfect example that not all hackers are bad. She is best known for demonstrating the vulnerabilities in Windows Vista, in 2006 DefCon conference. She also revealed a technique – called “Blue Pill”, with which you can transfer your running Operating System on a virtual machine. She usually delivers lectures at different Seminars and works with big security firms.

7. Adeanna Cooke


Cooke is a well-established model that has often featured in Playboy magazines. So how she become a hacker – one of her mates, stole her private pics and posted on the internet to earn a few bucks. When she came to know about it, she did nothing but to hack that site, force them to remove her pics. She self-taught herself about hacking

After this incident, she was named “Hacker Fairy”, in the Hackers community. She now offers her services to other people, those private data also got leaked on the internet.

8. Gigabyte


Most of the above listed female hackers were known for their legal works but Gigabyte is on the opposite end of the spectrum. Her real name is Kim Vanvaeck and she was born and raised in Belgium. She is believed to have been the sole creator or primary creator of a number of high-end viruses including Coconut-A, Sahay-A, and Sharp-A meant to target hardware with sensitive information. Unlike many other viruses that were meant to steal private information in order to make money, these viruses were used to destroy the information itself.

She is currently accused of stealing and destroying private data and is facing 3 years in prison and over 100,000 Euros in fines.

9. Anna Chapman


Anna Chapman was born on 23 February 1982 and was residing in New York when she was arrested on 27 June 2010. She was arrested under the charge of working for Illegal Program spy ring under the external intelligence agency “SVR (Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedki)” of the Russian Federation. She was made guilty for a conspiracy to act as an agent of a foreign government without notifying the US Attorney General, lost her US citizenship and then deported back to Russia.

After coming back to Russia, she was appointed to the public council of the young guard of United Russia( a Russian political party). According to them, she will educate people. Additionally, she was also accused to be a KGB spy in the United States.

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10. Susan Headley


Susan Headley, also known as Susy Thunder or Susan Thunder was a hacker during the late 1970s and early 1980s. A member of the so-called Cyberpunks, Headley specialized in social engineering, a type of hacking which uses pretexting and misrepresentation of oneself in contact with targeted organizations in order to elicit information vital to hacking those organizations.

11. Natasha Grigori


Natasha Grigori was one of the pioneers of female hacking. She started her career as a hacker in the 1980s, but rose to her prominence due to her stand against anti-child pornography. For this purpose, she found antichildporn.org.

This website has become one of the largest opponents of child pornography. She died after severe illness, in November 2005. But since then, she has gained a cult status in female hacking.

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