25 Best Completely Free Android Games Without Ads or In-App Purchases

The Google Play Store is brimming with countless free games, offering a variety of genres and experiences to Android users. However, it’s relatively rare to find games that are not only free but also devoid of advertisements and in-app purchases.

Understandably, game developers need to earn a living, and it’s common for them to seek revenue from their creations in various ways. Despite this, some games are developed purely for the joy of creation or as non-commercial experiments. Others might be part of larger promotional campaigns, such as some of the mobile games released by Netflix.

Android Games Without Ads or In-App Purchases:

Finding free games on Android that don’t come with ads or hidden costs or in-app purchases and still provide a high-quality experience can be quite challenging. However, the games listed below not only meet this criteria but also boast high ratings from the Android community, showcasing their appeal and quality.


DATA WING stands out in the crowded Play Store, boasting over 5 million downloads and an impressive 4.9-star rating. This game captivates with its simple yet highly engaging 2D arcade racing format. Despite its basic graphics, DATA WING excels in utilizing these visuals effectively, pairing them with an electronic music soundtrack to offer a unique gaming experience that’s rare in free, ad-free titles.

2. Logic: code breaking

Logic_ code breaking

Logic: code breaking is a puzzle game that tests your reasoning skills through color pattern guesses. In this ad-free logic-based game, players have a limited number of attempts to solve the pattern, receiving clues along the way about which colors are correctly placed and which are not. Originating in the 1970s, this type of game gained popularity under various names like “Numerello,” “Bulls and Cows,” and “Dead and Wounded.” For those who enjoy brain teasers and prefer a gaming experience free from interruptions, “Logic: Code Breaking” is a perfect choice.

3. Father and Son

Father and Son is an adventure game that begins within the walls of the National Archaeological Museum in Naples, home to some of humanity’s most significant artifacts and treasures. The game weaves a narrative that transcends time, telling the story of a son who embarks on a journey to understand the father he never knew. The game typically takes 50-60 minutes to complete. Unique to this experience, some sections of Father and Son are accessible only through physical check-ins at the Archaeological Museum of Naples, which also serves as the game’s publisher. 

4. Simon Tatham’s Puzzles

Simon Tatham's Puzzles

Simon Tatham’s Puzzles is an open-source collection of 40 unique single-player logic puzzle games. This treasure trove of brain teasers is committed to being forever free, without ads, and fully playable offline. The app features a diverse range of puzzles, all generated on-demand with customizable sizes and difficulty levels, ensuring that you never face the same challenge twice.

5. Cytoid


Cytoid captures the essence of classic rhythm games like “Guitar Hero,” offering an engaging musical challenge. This open-source game is straightforward — players tap the screen in sync with the music. While the concept might seem simple, the excitement builds as you master the timing and begin to chain successful hits. For enthusiasts of rhythm games, also consider exploring Cytus, a related game noted for its challenging gameplay, regarded by many as one of the toughest games available on Android.

6. Rocket League Sideswipe

Rocket League Sideswipe combines fast-paced soccer action with rocket-powered cars in a multiplayer setting, enhanced with intuitive touch controls optimized for mobile gameplay. This game offers fast-paced matches where players score goals using rocket-powered cars. It features both competitive and casual play modes, allowing you to climb the ranks or just have fun without pressure.

7. Mindustry


Mindustry is a blend of factory-building, tower defense, and real-time strategy elements. In this game, players are tasked with creating complex supply chains that transport ammunition to turrets, produce essential building materials, and assemble units for combat and construction.

8. Antiyoy Classic

Antiyoy Classic is a turn-based strategy game with 150 unique levels celebrated for its straightforward rules yet deep strategic gameplay. The game’s creator prioritizes player experience, proudly offering the game without advertisements as a sign of respect for players.

9. Unciv


Unciv serves as a tribute to one of the outstanding strategy games on PC, “Civilization.” This game offers a simplified version of “Civilization 5,” adapted specifically for Android devices, allowing fans to enjoy the classic experience on the move. While the graphics are more minimalist and conceptual, Unciv faithfully preserves the spirit of the original game. It includes a robust set of mechanics and a wide array of strategic options that are hallmark to the “Civilization” series, all without any advertisements to disrupt the gameplay.

10. GameStart Pixel Battle

Developed by the creator of Street Fighter VS MegaMan, GameStart Pixel Battle is a meta-game set in a universe where a mysterious antagonist has sabotaged various video games, making them dull and unplayable. Players are tasked with unraveling this mystery and restoring fun to the digital world. The game features graphics that hark back to the classic consoles of the 80s, combined with dynamic platform-based action gameplay. This blend of nostalgia and challenge makes it a unique pick for gamers looking for an ad-free experience.

11. Roach Race

Roach Race

Developed by Crunching Koalas in collaboration with CD PROJEKT RED, Roach Race is a free-to-play side-scrolling platformer that features Geralt’s trusted steed, Roach. This game takes players on an endless journey across magical landscapes familiar from The Witcher series. As you race, you’ll collect points and aim for the top of the global leaderboard.

12. The Frostrune

The Frostrune is an immersive “point-and-click” graphic adventure deeply rooted in Viking mythology. Created by developers who are passionate about ancient Nordic culture, this game strives for authenticity in both its setting and narrative. After surviving a shipwreck, players find themselves on a mysterious island dotted with an abruptly abandoned village. The surrounding forest, filled with ancient runes and burial mounds, hints at secrets waiting to be uncovered, offering players a richly atmospheric experience.

13. PewPew Live

PewPew Live, a dynamic shooting game that revives the spirit of classic arcade space battles. The game’s graphics are simple yet striking, featuring neon colors that perfectly complement the high-speed action. The game has 5 very varied game modes with smooth, high-definition 60 fps graphics that deliver continuous, seamless action. Also, PewPew Live is incredibly compact, requiring only 3MB of space, making it one of the most space-efficient games on the market.

14. PBS KIDS Games

PBS KIDS Games transforms learning into an exciting adventure with over 250 free educational games tailored for young children. Designed specifically for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and early elementary students, the app provides a safe and kid-friendly interface that encourages exploration and learning. From developing early literacy and math skills to fostering creativity and problem-solving abilities, PBS KIDS Games makes education both fun and accessible. 

15. Mirror Moves:Unique Brain Game

Mirror Moves_Unique Brain Game

Mirror Moves is a one-of-a-kind puzzle game that offers dozens of brain-busting levels, each crafted to test your cognitive skills. The game challenges you to coordinate two players who must exit simultaneously. 

16. Pathos: Nethack Codex

Pathos: Nethack Codex is a roguelike adventure game deeply inspired by the classic rules of Nethack. Players can select from 13 distinct classes, each offering unique abilities and play styles, to explore the depths of an expansive dungeon. Your ultimate goal is to descend into hell, confront and defeat your nemesis, and escape the dungeon laden with as much treasure as possible.

17. The Legend of Jaffa Brownie

The Legend of Jaffa Brownie is a 3D action-adventure game where you play as Jaffa Brownie, a character on a quest to discover the Heart of the Factory and unveil the secrets of your origin. In this game, you’ll explore the vibrant Jaffa factory, from its peaceful farm life and bustling urban cityscape to its mysterious darker and colder areas.

18. Underhand


Underhand is a unique Cultist Card Game (CCG) that offers you the chance to step into the shoes of a cult leader. Your responses to these events will determine your fate — will you successfully summon the Ancient Ones, or will your cult fall victim to the challenges that come your way? The path you choose will shape the destiny of your cult in this intriguing and immersive card game.

19. Mini Quests

Mini Quests

Mini Quests is a pixelated dungeon adventure where players can solve puzzles, battle monsters, and embrace heroism. This epic isometric adventure stands out with its charmingly minimalistic design, rendered in an ultra-low resolution of 40-by-30 pixels and a palette of just 16 colors. The game offers a collection of five challenging dungeons, each designed to test the player’s strategic thinking and combat skills. Additional dungeons are planned, promising more adventures and challenges as the game evolves.

20. Stranger Things 3: The Game

For the 232 million users with a Netflix subscription, Stranger Things 3: The Game offers a delightful extension of the show’s third season. Fans of the series will particularly enjoy the game, as familiarity with the storyline enhances both understanding and enjoyment. The game immerses players in a 16-bit pixel art world, combining puzzle-solving elements with beat’em’up action. Players have the opportunity to control 12 characters from Stranger Things 3, each bringing their unique abilities to navigate through various adventures that echo the series’ nostalgic and thrilling atmosphere. You can find more similar Netflix games here.

21. The Ramp

The Ramp is the ideal game for anyone looking to enjoy skateboarding in its purest form. It focuses exclusively on delivering a smooth, flowing experience as you skate through a halfpipe. The gameplay is satisfying and unique, designed to be straightforward yet challenging to fully master. There are no unlockable items, no scores to keep, and no missions to complete. It’s just you, your skateboard, and the halfpipe.

22. Bounty Hunter Space Lizard

In Bounty Hunter Space Lizard, you play a space lizard on the brink of a transformative journey. This turn-based strategy game features 20 challenging levels spread across four stages, focusing on tactical movement within compact maps. The gameplay is designed to be engaging yet challenging, with two distinct skill paths and a rich story that culminates in a satisfying ending.

23. Seedship


Seedship is a text-based strategy game where you control an AI-operated spaceship carrying frozen colonists in search of a new planet for humanity. Each planet you encounter is randomly generated, making every playthrough unique. As the AI, you face a critical decision: settle on a less-than-ideal planet now, or continue searching and risk damage to your ship and the safety of the colonists. Your journey is peppered with random events that shape the narrative and the fate of your mission.

24. OpenTTD


OpenTTD is an open-source transport tycoon business simulation game where strategic planning meets economic management. Whether you prefer to compete against computer opponents in single-player mode or challenge friends and players worldwide in online multiplayer games.

25. Hives

Hives challenges players with a deceptively simple objective within a hexagonal grid: navigate from point A to point B using a limited number of moves. Players can move in any of the six directions provided by the hexagon’s layout, but each move will carry them to the furthest available cell on the grid. This requires strategic planning to utilize the grid’s irregularities effectively to reach the destination.

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