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AMD Acquired Xilinx For $35 Billion In Shares

AMD Acquired Xilinx
AMD has announced that it has reached an agreement with Xilinx management on the complete takeover for $35 billion and will be paid entirely...

Facebook Launches Cloud Gaming Service For Android And Web

Facebook Cloud Gaming Service
Video games in the cloud differ from the rest as they do not run on our device but on servers that do the "hard...

2021 Trends In The IT Support Industry

PC laptop business
Technology continues to evolve, and it seems that several things are in store for the IT support industry in 2021. Various companies and professionals...

Search Engine Monopoly: Google Pays Apple Up To $12 Billion Annually

Best Google Search tricks
The US Department of Justice has launched an antitrust lawsuit against Google. The main allegation is that the company used anti-competitive practices in the...

Artificial Intelligence Judges Your Face: This Is How Facial Recognition Works

How Facial Recognition Works
Until not many years ago, facial recognition seemed like a thing of science fiction, and today we have it even in the cheapest smartphone...

Two Ways to Perform Data Migration from Thunderbird to Outlook

Chat mail stories
Each user has their own reason for moving from one e-mail manager to another. However, there is also a distinctive similarity — the painfulness...

The Benefits of Using Self-Service Kiosks While the Hotel Industry Resumes...

iPad technology
The hotel industry has opened its doors to the customers post the Covid-19 lockdown. However, they have to take several measures to ensure that...

YouTube-dl Removed From GitHub Due To RIAA Takedown Notice

YouTube-dl Removed From GitHub
GitHub has taken the code of the widely used open-source project Youtube-dl offline. This emerges from a DMCA request from the US music association...