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Sony Patents A Smartphone Based PlayStation Controller

Smartphone Based PlayStation Controller
Sony has filed a patent for a version of the DualShock specifically for mobile gaming. According to Videogames Chronicle, the Japanese company has just patented...

Top 7 Proven Tactics to Increase Your eCommerce Conversion Rates

eCommerce Website Development
eCommerce is a broad topic that encompasses many elements, starting from region-based commerce to international online retail.  E-merchants should have a clear view of what...

Uses Of Function Keys [F1-F12] In Windows

Uses Of Function Keys
How many of you know all the uses of Function Keys. We see them every day on the keyboard, but in reality, there are...

How To Make Your PDFs Visually Appealing? Tips & Tricks

PDFs Visually Appealing
Wherever you look online, you’re bound to find at least several PDF-enhancing apps and tools. But do you really need all of these?  True, PDFs...

Facial Animation Takes A New Leap: Ziva Dynamics Showed The Most...

Last February, Epic Games announced MetaHuman Creator, an ultra-realistic character editor that aims to revolutionize the entertainment industry along with video games. The first technical...

Boost Your Brain in Your Lunch Hour

Our brains could all use a little TLC
Most of us are guilty of wasting our lunch breaks. We'll wolf down some fast food, as we woke up too late to make...

Apple AR Headset Would Arrive In 2022: Will Offer A Performance...

Apple AR Headset
Apple AR headsets are showing signs of life again. The project has been the subject of rumors for years without having a clear launch date. The...

3 Ways to Fix Android Phone Not Detecting SD Card

Android Phone Not Detecting SD Card
Most Android users use SD cards to extend the storage space. It’s a great opportunity to store more pics and videos. But sometimes, an...