Apple AR Headset Would Arrive In 2022: Will Offer A Performance Similar To The M1 Chip

Apple AR headsets are showing signs of life again. The project has been the subject of rumors for years without having a clear launch date. The analyst Ming-Chi Kuo puts the issue back on the table — assures that the model will be unveiled next year and provides technical information.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo’s latest research report shared by MacRumors and 9to5Mac, Apple’s mixed reality glasses will be ready by the end of 2022 and would include a processor similar to the one we see in Mac with Apple Silicon.

Specifically, Kuo mentions that Apple AR headsets could integrate two processors. The main one will offer performance similar to the M1 chip that the company includes in its Macs. Meanwhile, the secondary SoC, which is classified as a “low-end” processor, would be in charge of monitoring the sensors.

Apple’s AR glasses will also have two micro OLED screens from Sony with 4K resolution — this may indicate that the AR headset will also support virtual reality technologies.

Ming-Chi Kuo emphasizes that Apple’s AR glasses will not require an iPhone to be connected. That is, they will be able to function independently. Therefore, it contradicts the latest reports from The Information, which claimed that this mixed reality headset would need to communicate wirelessly with an iPhone or iPad or a Mac in order to process more advanced tasks.

After the launch of the Facebook glasses, there is still the expectation of seeing what Apple has been working on for several years. Apple could announce its first augmented reality glasses together with the iPhone 14. For Kuo, Apple’s goal is to replace the iPhone with AR in 10 years, and these glasses would be the first step to achieve this. 

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