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Apple Mixed Reality Headset news

Apple’s AR Headset Nears Launch: Executives Given Sneak Peek of Full Capabilities

Apple's much-anticipated augmented reality headset is one step closer to becoming a reality. According to Bloomberg reporter and Apple insider Mark Gurman's latest Power On newsletter, around 100 of Apple's top executives recently gathered at the...
Ubisoft Ghostwriter

Ubisoft Unveils Ghostwriter: A Tool That Automatically Generates Lines For Game Characters Using AI

In the world of video games, open-world games have become increasingly popular due to their level of immersion. One of the essential elements of an open-world game is the chatter by non-playable characters (NPCs)...

NVIDIA Announces H100 NVL: A New GPU Variant for Large Language Models

NVIDIA has announced the H100 NVL, a new variant of its Hopper GPU specifically designed for Large Language Models (LLMs) like OpenAI's GPT-4.  The dual GPU card has two H100 PCIe boards already bridged together and a...
Cryptocurrency Wallet into Edge Browser

Microsoft Plans to Build Cryptocurrency Wallet into Edge Browser

Microsoft has been testing a new feature that might revolutionise the world of bitcoin and NFTs. According to screenshots published on Twitter by @thebookisclosed, Microsoft is working on a bitcoin wallet that will be incorporated...
OpenAI GPT-4

Microsoft’s Bing Search Engine Confirmed To Be Using OpenAI’s GPT-4

Microsoft has stated that their new Bing search engine uses the newly announced GPT-4 model from OpenAI. The new Bing, first unveiled earlier this year, was believed to be powered by ChatGPT, although the exact version...
Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines

Microsoft Azure Announces Revolutionary Virtual Machines for Accelerated AI Workloads

Microsoft Azure has recently announced the release of a brand-new Virtual Machine (VM) powered by NVIDIA's top-of-the-line GPU, the H100. This new VM, ND H100 v5, is designed to accelerate generative AI workloads, such as the...
Space Zoom Technology Relies on AI

Samsung’s Space Zoom Technology Relies on AI, Not Optics, for Moon Photography

Samsung has been touting the Space Zoom feature on its flagship Galaxy S Ultra series since the Galaxy S20 Ultra. However, a Reddit forum user with the nickname ibreakphotos has conducted an experiment that calls into...

Grammarly Introduces Generative AI Feature With GrammarlyGo

Grammarly, the popular writing assistant tool, announced that it is incorporating generative AI into its products with the launch of GrammarlyGo. The new AI proofing software will provide auto-synthesis capabilities to accommodate the ChatGPT API or...