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Facial Animation Takes A New Leap: Ziva Dynamics Showed The Most Realistic Face In...

Last February, Epic Games announced MetaHuman Creator, an ultra-realistic character editor that aims to revolutionize the entertainment industry along with video games. The first technical demonstration was enough to surprise everyone with the potential of...
Apple AR Headset

Apple AR Headset Would Arrive In 2022: Will Offer A Performance Similar To The...

Apple AR headsets are showing signs of life again. The project has been the subject of rumors for years without having a clear launch date. The analyst Ming-Chi Kuo puts the issue back on the table...
Detect Hidden Spy Cameras

Researchers Developed A Way To Detect Hidden Spy Cameras Using A Regular Smartphone

Researchers at the National University of Singapore and Yonsei University in South Korea have developed a way to detect hidden spy cameras using modern smartphones equipped with Time of Flight sensors.ToF (Time of Flight) is a...
Meta haptic gloves

Meta Introduces Haptic Gloves To Bring The Sense Of Touch To The Metaverse

The metaverse is just around the corner. More and more companies are joining this idea and creating their own — but to enter, we will need technology both to see and to interact. Meta is developing its own haptic gloves to feel...

What is NFT: The Blockchain System That Certifies Digital Files

Buying a painting or sculpture at auction with its stamp of authenticity is a guarantee that we are taking home a unique and original piece. But what about a digital file?The technology supported by...
IBM Eagle quantum processor

IBM Unveiled Eagle: A 127-Qubit Quantum Processor

IBM is advancing in quantum computing by presenting a chip called Eagle, with 127 qubits. The announcement was made at the company's Quantum Summit and shows the progress made, as well as its roadmap.IBM...
Qualcomm Snapdragon Spaces XR Developer Platform

Qualcomm Announces Snapdragon Spaces XR Developer Platform For AR Experiences

At the Augmented World Expo, Qualcomm unveiled the Snapdragon Spaces XR Developer Platform.It is a legacy augmented reality developer kit designed to create immersive experiences that blur the lines between physical and digital realities. Snapdragon Spaces...
Nvidia And Niantic to metaverse

Nvidia And Niantic Presented Their Metaverses Proposals

Metaverse has been making a lot of noise — every industry is jumping into this new innovation after Meta, Facebook parent company triggered the technology. First, it was Microsoft who announced its entry to...