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Siri or Google or Alexa

SpeechStew: Google Researchers Mixes All Available Voice Data For Better Speech Recognition

A team from Google Research and Brain departments has reportedly used "all" currently available output data for speech recognition to train a single, huge neural network — SpeechStew.As reported by VentureBeat, in terms of speech...

GANverse3D: Nvidia’s New AI Tool Creates 3D Models From Just One 2D Photo

At GTC, Nvidia's research department has presented the new deep learning model — GANverse3D — capable of creating interactive 3D objects through standard 2D images in just a few seconds.The GANverse3D application, developed at...
Monkey Playing Video Games With His Mind

Elon Musk’s Neuralink Shows A Monkey Playing Video Games With His Mind

Elon Musk's mysterious project Neuralink, which specializes in brain-computer interfaces, has published a video of a monkey playing Pong using only his brain.While the first experiments were carried out on pigs, now in the three-minute clip, a...
Microsoft Two-Phase Immersion Cooling

Two-Phase Immersion Cooling: Microsoft Cools Datacenter Servers With Boiling Liquid At 50°C

Microsoft has successfully able to cool datacentre serves by soaking the hardware in a special fluid, and the process is known as two-phase immersion cooling.At the Columbia Datacenter near Quincy in Washington state, Microsoft...
Largest Nintendo Switch In The World

Youtuber Builds The Largest Nintendo Switch In The World

The last time we saw a modder managed to convert Nintendo Game Boy into a portable Bitcoin mining rig, and now a YouTuber has created the largest Nintendo Switch in the world — yes,...
NASA Ingenuity

Ingenuity: NASA Makes History With Its Remote Control Helicopter On Mars

Finally, NASA Ingenuity mini autonomous helicopter has completely separated from the Perseverance rover on Mars. And perhaps we can witness the first flight this April.As NASA itself has confirmed on Twitter, the first flight for Ingenuity...
Microsoft HoloLens Mixed Reality Glasses

US Soldiers Will Wear Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Glasses

Microsoft has reached a contract with the United States Army by which they will provide augmented reality glasses to their soldiers for training and military activities.The 10-year agreement and budgeted at 21.88 billion dollars...
Boston Dynamics Stretch

Boston Dynamics Robot Is All Set To Takeover Warehouse Work

Boston Dynamics has presented its new robot — Stretch — to revolutionize warehouse work.As it's a robot, it does not tire, does not require training, and is stronger and faster — so it's gonna put many...