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DALL-E OpenAI AI System

DALL-E: OpenAI’s AI System Can Convert Words And Sentences Into Images

OpenAI, an artificial intelligence research company co-founded by Elon Musk and backed by Microsoft, has developed an AI system, DALL-E — capable of creating images from natural language texts.The ability of DALL-E to convert words...
DeepMind AI Agent

MuZero: Google’s AI Agent Now Able To Learn Rules On Its Own, And Will...

MuZero, the new AI developed by DeepMind — which was bought by Google and is now part of Alphabet — is capable of doing anything without being designed for it.The AI agent is developed...
Apple Inc

Apple Could Have Its First Car In 2024 With New Battery Technology

As we already heard, Tesla could have been part of Apple if Tim Cook had accepted Elon Musk's offer when the company was going through bad times. Now, it looks like Apple reactivates interest...
solar panel made of silicon and perovskite

Researchers Developed The Most Efficient Solar Panel

A team of researchers from the Helmholtz-Zentrum in Berlin has made an unprecedented achievement in the field of solar energy. They have developed a solar panel made of silicon and perovskite that has achieved...
Google AI Solve protein folding

Google’s AI Solve One Of The Great Problems Facing The Scientific Community For 50...

DeepMind, the Artificial Intelligence company owned by Google, has managed to solve one of the great problems facing the scientific community — protein folding.So what is protein folding? — Something science has known for...
Microsoft Aims To Bring Android Apps Into Windows 10

Project Latte: Microsoft Aims To Bring Android Apps Into Windows 10

Microsoft is working on a new project under the code name "Project Latte" — that will allow Android apps to run on Windows 10, with little or no code changes. The key will be...
AMD Ryzen news and stories and reports

Precision Boost Overdrive 2: AMD Ryzen 5000 Soon Get Adaptive Undervolting

AMD has introduced the Precision Boost Overdrive 2 (PBO2) for the Ryzen 5000 series processors.With this feature, if you combine a Zen 3 CPU with a 500/400 motherboard, including Agesa v1.1.8.0, you will be able to...
Microsoft Pluton

Microsoft Pluton: A Security Processor In Collaboration With AMD, Intel, And Qualcomm

The Redmond giant has presented Microsoft Pluton — a security chip designed to improve the protection of any compatible PC based on Windows 10.Microsoft, in collaboration with Intel, AMD, and Qualcomm, aims to raise...