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GET3D: Nvidia Presented New AI Model To Create Objects And Characters...

Nvidia GET3D
Nvidia has released GET3D (Generate Explicit Textured 3D), an AI model for creators of the company's multiverse, the Omniverse, and other developers to simplify...

The Safest Way to Keep an Eye on Your Kid’s Activities...

Parental control
In this technological and modern era, the upbringing of children has become challenging. The main reason is that the kids are now more exposed...

Google Has Officially Announced The Closure Of Stadia

Google Stadia new games
Google is exiting the cloud gaming business and discontinuing its Stadia service. Google will discontinue the Stadia cloud gaming service on January 18, 2023. Phil...

Tips for ensuring security while playing at an online casino

online security and privacy news
Playing at online casinos has become increasingly popular. Advancing technology has enabled a great quality of online options, which is why many players choose...

Technology: The Future Of Career Making Online

Technology influence
In shaping one's career, the process to achieve it nowadays is getting more accessible because of technology. Its systems bring out the optimum level...

Zero Trust SIM: Cloudflare Launches eSIM To Secure Smartphones And Networks

Cloudflare Zero Trust SIM
Cloudflare, Inc. announced the development of Zero Trust SIM — this is the first solution to secure every packet of data from a mobile device.  The Zero...

How to Get an iPhone Almost for Free

iPhone collection
Getting iPhones for free is a dream to come true. This popular device can be yours without any payments. But you may end up...

Intel Revealed Its New 13th Generation Raptor Lake Processors

Intel 13th Generation Raptor Lake Desktop Processors performance
Raptor Lake, Intel's 13th generation of processors, was officially unveiled. The processors are high-end models designed for gamers and content creators. CEO Pat Gelsinger presented...