AI Pin by Humane: Promises a Future Without Screens, But With a Lot of AI

The AI Pin by Humane is a wearable device that combines a camera, sensors, and AI-driven experiences, projecting information onto the user's palm for interaction. It's designed for seamless integration with daily life, emphasizing less screen dependency and enhanced privacy, available at $699 with additional subscription costs.

Humane, a startup founded by former Apple employees Bethany Bongiorno and Imran Chaudhri, has officially launched its much-anticipated AI Pin. The new smart wearable promises a future with less screen dependency, yet with artificial intelligence as a constant companion.

The AI Pin, available in three colors — Eclipse, Equinox, and Lunar — is a stylish accessory that can be attached to any piece of clothing. It consists of two parts: the pin itself and a battery, connected via a magnetic system. The device features a 13 MP RGB camera with a 120-degree field of view and a 3D depth sensor. The front of the pin includes a tactile surface compatible with multiple gestures, although voice remains the primary mode of interaction, facilitated by the AI Mic and Personic Speaker.

Underneath its sleek exterior, the AI Pin is powered by an 8-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, clocking at 2.1 GHz. It comes with 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of eMMC storage. The device is equipped with a range of sensors, including GPS, magnetometer, accelerometer, gyroscope, and an ambient light sensor. In terms of connectivity, it supports Bluetooth 5.1 and Wi-Fi 5.

One of the most intriguing features of the AI Pin is its Laser Ink Display. This technology projects information and a graphical interface onto the user’s palm. Interaction with this interface is intuitive, involving hand tilting and finger gestures. The AI Pin also includes a “trust light” to indicate active functions like camera or microphone usage, enhancing transparency and trust.

Humane emphasizes that the AI Pin doesn’t rely on traditional apps but on AI-driven experiences. It functions as an AI assistant, capable of responding to queries, summarizing emails, and transcribing messages. Privacy is central to its design, requiring physical interaction for activation and featuring a security chip to prevent unauthorized use.

The AI Pin runs on Cosmos, Humane’s proprietary operating system, introducing the AI Bus framework for swift, app-free AI experiences. It also boasts native integration with Tidal, offering a virtual DJ function.

The AI Pin starts at $699, including an additional battery, a charging cable, and a USB-C charger case. A monthly subscription of $24 is required for its mobile-like functionalities, provided through T-Mobile. Reservations in the US open on November 16, with the first shipments expected in early 2024. International availability details are yet to be announced.

Amaya Simon
Amaya Simon
Amaya Simon is a seasoned programmer specializing in smart devices, AI, and machine learning. With a Master's in Computer Science and a decade of experience, she writes to demystify complex tech. Outside work, she's a robot-building, origami-loving mom.


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