Amazfit Unveils the First Smartwatch Watch Face with ChatGPT Encoding

The integration of people and artificial intelligence has reached a new level with the latest release from wearable electronics brand Amazfit. The company has unveiled a watch face for its operating system, Zepp OS, which includes a built-in ChatGPT chatbot.

ChatGPT is a language tool developed by OpenAI that can read natural language and deliver intelligent responses to various queries. Amazfit’s latest innovation allows users to connect with their smartwatches in chat mode, receiving replies to queries and accessing the watch’s data.

Amazfit Watch Face with ChatGPT

The first watch face produced using ChatGPT AI is intended to highlight the interaction between humans and AI and the user’s most essential health and fitness statistics. Users must set a specialised watch face to activate the chatbot, which allows them to get information on various topics such as the current time and date, time in other cities and countries, weather updates, and traffic information.

For example, if a user asks, “How was my day?” A watch running the most recent version of Zepp OS will display statistics such as steps taken and current heart rate, as well as the date, time, and remaining battery life.

The company did not clarify for which smartwatches the new watch face is available in its release. However, it is known to be available on the Zepp App watch face store. Except for the Chinese firm, no one has yet been able to integrate artificial intelligence into smartwatches, allowing Amazfit to compete with major manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, and Google.

The integration of ChatGPT into wearable devices expands AI’s capabilities and capacity to connect with people. It will be exciting to see what new advances occur in this subject in the future.

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