Android 13 Go Edition: Googe Unveils The Lightweight OS For Cheap Smartphones

Android 13 was officially launched a couple of months ago, and Google has now taken the opportunity to present its Go Edition

Android 13 Go Edition is designed for low-end mobiles that consume fewer resources and is simpler than the normal version.

When Google announced the release of Android Go five years ago, there was some uncertainty. It was not simply a “light Android”, as rumoured, but an Android designed for low-performance mobiles.

Since then, Android Go has reached no less than 250 million mobiles, proving that the idea made some sense. But that does not mean that Android Go has always been seen as an “inferior” version of the system due to its limitations.

Google seems to have heard our complaints. Google has unexpectedly announced the launch of a Go version of Android 13, which was released in September. This is no coincidence — the Android 13 Go Edition inherits some of the latest system version’s new features, as well as some of its advantages.

The most important, undoubtedly, is that Android Go now uses the same update system as the normal version of Android. Instead of having to update the entire system at the same time, Google releases new patches for its applications through Google Play. In this way, users do not have to wait for the mobile manufacturer and the operator they use to approve the update. Google will be able to update parts of the system directly. This is also important due to the low storage capacity that low-end mobiles usually have since it is not necessary to occupy so much.

Another Android 13 feature that Android Go users will receive is customization with Material You. Finally, we will be able to change the entire system colour scheme and coordinate it with the wallpaper we use — the result is much more aesthetically pleasing than the classic (and outdated) style of Android Go.

Android 13 Go Edition Material You

Another feature coming to Android 13 Go Edition is Discover, which lets you swipe right on the home screen to see news and personalized content. We will also receive news on privacy and security, with new permissions for notifications.

The first phones with Android 13 Go Edition will arrive in 2023. Although it has not been specified if the current models will receive the update, Google has promised to support the system’s millions of users.

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