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Microsoft Windows Defender news and stories

Windows Defender Significantly Reduces The Performance Of Intel Processors In Windows 10 Or 11

Windows Defender, built-in security solution of the Windows operating system, slows down PCs based on 8th and 11th generation Intel processors. The problem was discovered by Kevin Glynn, associate software author behind popular utilities such as...
Microsoft Edge Gaming Browser

Microsoft Edge Wants To Be A Browser For Gamers

Microsoft to make Edge the browser of choice for gamers. The new options in version 103 of Microsoft Edge make it easier and more direct than ever to access cloud gaming and even free games.Earlier in...
iOS 16 Bypass CAPTCHAs

iOS 16 And macOS Ventura Will Allow You To Bypass CAPTCHAs

Tired of confirming that you are not a robot? Don't worry; when updating your iPhone to iOS 16, Apple will include a new feature on your device that will allow you to bypass CAPTCHA implemented on...
Microsoft Defender App For macOS, iOS and Android

Microsoft Releases Microsoft Defender App For macOS, iOS and Android

Now onwards, Microsoft Defender will not be limited to Windows. Microsoft has announced the release of a new Defender app to protect devices based on macOS, iOS, iPadOS and Android.The new program is sold as Microsoft...
Mozilla Firefox Total Cookie Protection

Total Cookie Protection: Mozilla Firefox Now Blocks Or Restricts Cookies By Default

Firefox browser will become even more private with a new cookie restriction feature. Mozilla has announced that in future, all Firefox desktop users will be provided with the so-called Total Cookie Protection by default.Initially, the Total...
Adobe photoshop

Adobe Launches Free Web Version Of Photoshop

Adobe has begun testing the free version of Photoshop online and plans to open the service to the public to introduce the application to more users.The free version is currently being tested in Canada. There,...
iPhone Passcode Unlocker

2022 In-Depth FoneGeek iPhone Passcode Unlocker Review

FoneGeek iPhone Passcode Unlocker is a third-party iOS unlocking tool that you may have heard of. But most people are unfamiliar with how it works or even its limits. Finding a good review of...
Microsoft Is Permanently Retiring Internet Explorer

After 27 Years: Microsoft Is Permanently Retiring Internet Explorer On June 15, 2022

Microsoft is retiring its legacy Internet Explorer (IE) on June 15 — 27 years after the web browser was introduced.The decision was announced last year, and the Redmond-based tech giant is slowly pushing its Chromium-based...