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MacDroid Android File Manager For macOS

MacDroid: Ultimate Android File Manager Available For macOS

MacDroid is the ultimate Android file manager that is available for macOS. It was created by Electronic Team Inc. and aimed to enable Mac users to transfer files from Android devices. Whether it’s videos,...
iPhone 13

Apple Device Analytics Includes The Identification Of iCloud User Data

A new report claims that Apple's device analytics contains information like how a device is used, its performance, features, etc., that can directly link device data to a specific user, despite Apple's claims that statistics are...
Emergency SOS Via Satellite

Emergency SOS Via Satellite For iPhone 14 Series Available In The US And Canada

One of the most exclusive innovations of the iPhone 14 was the Emergency SOS service, which lets you send messages to emergency services via satellite if the user is in a dangerous situation outside of cellular...
adoption rate of Windows 11

Microsoft Explains Settings To Improve Gaming Performance On Windows 11

When Microsoft launched Windows 11, it was touted for improving gaming performance. However, after several tests were actually conducted, Windows 11 did not show any noticeable changes compared to Windows 10 in terms of game performance. Perhaps...
Block Third-Party Cookies in browsers

How To Block Third-Party Cookies In Web Browsers

I think most people have heard of cookies, not the sweet ones, the ones you see while browsing. However, you may not quite understand what it is for or what to do with it. What...
Nvidia PhysX 5

Nvidia Releases Open-Source Physics Engine PhysX 5

Nvidia announced that it had open-sourced its PhysX 5 physics simulation engine, allowing developers to access the development toolset via GitHub to build various physics simulation applications.PhysX 5 uses the same open-source licensing model as PhysX 4, with...
VPN by Google One

Google One VPN Comes To Windows And macOS

Google extended the reach of its VPN offering to the desktop. Google One subscribers can now download VPN apps for Windows and macOS, allowing users worldwide to mask their IP on their desktops and reduce online...
Meta Encodec

Encodec: Meta Announces AI-Powered Audio Codec

Meta announced a new audio codec, "EnCodec", that achieves amazing compression using AI. The codec is said to compress audio at 64kbps, ten times faster than the MP3 format, without any loss of quality. Meta says...