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NVIDIA Releases RTX Path Tracing SDK To Integrate Path Tracing Technology Into Games

NVIDIA has released the RTX Path Tracing SDK, a tool for integrating path-tracing technology into video games. Path tracing is a sophisticated variant of traditional ray tracing, simulating light's physical behaviour as closely as possible to...
Cryptocurrency Wallet into Edge Browser

Microsoft Plans to Build Cryptocurrency Wallet into Edge Browser

Microsoft has been testing a new feature that might revolutionise the world of bitcoin and NFTs. According to screenshots published on Twitter by @thebookisclosed, Microsoft is working on a bitcoin wallet that will be incorporated...
Brave Adds Firewall and VPN

Brave Adds Firewall + VPN Function To The Desktop Version

The Brave browser, known for its privacy-focused features, has recently added a Firewall + VPN function to its desktop version. The browser's latest version, 1.49, now provides a VPN service across all platforms, including Android, iOS,...

Grammarly Introduces Generative AI Feature With GrammarlyGo

Grammarly, the popular writing assistant tool, announced that it is incorporating generative AI into its products with the launch of GrammarlyGo. The new AI proofing software will provide auto-synthesis capabilities to accommodate the ChatGPT API or...
Google Unveils Android 14

Google Releases Android 14 Developer Preview 2 With New Privacy And Usability Features

Google has released the second developer preview of its upcoming smartphone operating system, Android 14. The new preview version includes a range of improvements, including enhanced privacy and security, better performance, and usability of large-screen devices such...
DuckDuckGo DuckAssist

DuckAssist: DuckDuckGo Launches Beta Version of AI-Assisted Search Feature

Generative AI has been a buzzword in the tech industry for quite some time now, with major players like Google and Microsoft releasing their language-generation AIs. However, privacy-conscious search engine DuckDuckGo is taking a...
Godot Engine 4

Godot Engine 4.0: A New Era of Open-Source Game Development

After years of work, the much-anticipated stable version 4.0 of the Godot Engine has finally been released, giving the open-source game engine community reason to celebrate. This release signifies the beginning of a new age...
New Android And Wear OS Features

Google Reveals New Android And Wear OS Features During MWC 2023

During the world's largest mobile phone-related exhibition Mobile World Congress (MWC 2023), Google announced the latest additions to the upcoming Android updates and Wear OS.  About half of the announced features have already been rolled out. Page Zoom...