Android 15 Unveiled — What’s New and What to Expect!

Google announced the developer preview of Android 15 on February 16, heralding a new era for its mobile operating system. This initial release shines a spotlight on significant internal enhancements, with a strong focus on bolstering security and privacy measures.

Google has unveiled a detailed timeline for the rollout of Android 15, indicating that beta versions are expected to be available between April and May. The release candidates are scheduled for June and July, with the final version likely to be launched in September or October, aligning with the anticipated unveiling of the Pixel 9 series. It’s noteworthy that while many manufacturers are still in the process of updating devices to Android 14, the shift towards Android 15 is expected to gain momentum later in the year, following Google’s established update practices.

Despite moving to a numerical naming convention for its operating systems, Google retains the tradition of dessert names among its developers. After the whimsical “Upside-Down Cake” moniker for Android 14, Android 15 has been affectionately named “Vanilla Ice Cream,” a decision confirmed in March 2023. However, these dessert names are unlikely to feature in official marketing campaigns, with “Android 15” being the preferred nomenclature for the broader audience.

What to Expect from Android 15

The developer preview of Android 15 has unveiled several promising features, although it’s important to approach these early revelations with caution. Given that the development is still in its early stages, some features may be revised or deferred. Here’s a snapshot of what’s been confirmed:

  • Bluetooth Quick Settings Changes: The functionality of the Bluetooth quick settings button has been updated, now triggering a popup with primary settings rather than directly toggling Bluetooth on or off.
  • Keyboard Vibration Toggle in Settings: Android 15 introduces a direct menu option for activating tactile feedback when typing, enhancing the user experience for those with supported keyboard apps.
  • Notification Recovery Time: Addressing the issue of notification overload, Android 15 introduces a feature aimed at “reducing the loudness of notifications” from a single app bombarding the user.
  • Camera Innovations for Third-Party Apps: The update significantly improves camera access for third-party apps, ensuring image and video quality on par with the native camera app.
  • Enhanced Home Screen Usability: Android 15 introduces the ability to create shortcuts for launching two apps simultaneously from the home screen, a feature that multitaskers will find invaluable.
  • Selective Screen Recording: This feature allows users to record a specific part of the screen, enabling more focused content creation.

Rumored Features and Speculations

While the developer preview has confirmed several features, there are still rumors and speculations about what else Android 15 might offer:

  • Google Photos Integration in Image Picker: A notable potential feature is the integration of Google Photos within the standard image picker tool, allowing apps to access images stored in Google’s cloud, not just those saved locally. This would be particularly beneficial for users with limited internal storage who rely on cloud services for data storage.
  • Extended Support for Thread and NFC via Project Mainline: The integration of Thread (used in Matter) and NFC technologies into Android could be updated through Project Mainline, facilitating future updates for these protocols via Google Play Services rather than major OS updates.
  • Enhanced .pkpass File Support: Android 15 may offer improved handling of .pkpass files, used for tickets, cards, and other digital documents, by assigning them a unique MIME type. This would simplify the process for apps similar to Apple Wallet on Android, enhancing user experience.
  • Private Space for App Hiding: A “Private Space” feature is under development, allowing users to create a list of apps hidden behind a password or biometric authentication, similar to Samsung’s Secure Folder. This feature would enable users to maintain privacy without the need for separate user accounts.

Device Eligibility and Availability

With each new Android version, Google’s Pixel devices are among the first to receive updates. The developer preview of Android 15 is available for installation on Pixel 6, 7, 8 series, as well as Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet. As usual, the release of new Android versions is closely aligned with the launch of new Pixel generations, so the Pixel 9 is expected to debut with Android 15 pre-installed. According to Google’s update policy, Android 15 will be available for Pixel 5a and later models.

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