Apple’s AR Headset Nears Launch: Executives Given Sneak Peek of Full Capabilities

Apple’s much-anticipated augmented reality headset is one step closer to becoming a reality. According to Bloomberg reporter and Apple insider Mark Gurman’s latest Power On newsletter, around 100 of Apple’s top executives recently gathered at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California, to discuss the company’s AR plans. It appears that the operation of the AR headset has been confirmed.

The speculated AR headset is scheduled to be formally released in June. However, it is unclear if it will be revealed during Apple’s WWDC 2023 keynote. The AR headset will be previewed in the coming months, with an official release following.

While Apple executives have been given sneak peeks of the AR headset every year since 2018, these demos have been limited in scope and have not demonstrated the product’s full potential. With the headset rumoured to arrive in 2023, Gurman believes the assembled Apple executives will see the full potential of the AR headset.

It should be noted that Apple’s design team earlier claimed that the AR headset would not be ready for release this year. But, CEO Tim Cook and Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams appear to have rejected this issue, fearing that any longer delay would offer Apple’s competitors a competitive edge. It’s unclear what circumstances are pushing the debut, but Apple is under much pressure to create a successful AR headset.

But, with a projected $3,000 price tag, the AR headset could not sell well at that price range. With the low number of devices expected to arrive this year, an early launch may be the best way for Apple to measure customer interest in the product. Gurman believes the AR headset will follow in the footsteps of the Apple Watch, which had a difficult start but finally acquired mainstream acceptance.

Nevertheless, Apple’s augmented reality headset is an interesting addition to the company’s product selection. With a possible debut date only a few months away, Apple fans and technology lovers will await additional information about the device’s capabilities and features.

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