Apple Removes Vybe Together App From App Store For Organizing Private Parties In The Middle Of The Pandemic

Apple has removed an application, Vybe Together from the App Store for violating Covid-19 rules. Vybe Together was designed to organize secret parties in the middle of a pandemic, especially in places with mobility restrictions.

A practice that is obviously unethical and in some countries especially hit by the pandemic, even illegal. That is why Apple has deleted the application from its store, and many of the social media accounts on this network have been deleted, as has its official website.

The operation of the application was designed specifically for the organization of these parties, which obviously had to be held in private homes. To participate in the parties, the user was obliged to share the Instagram profile and send a request that could be accepted or rejected by the organizers. The party organizer, through vybe, had to approve a list of attendees manually. Those approved would receive the home address two hours before the event.

To prevent any spy from hiding who denounced the violation of the anti-COVID rules, the participants had to portray themselves with photos and videos during the party, subsequently sent to the organizers.

The app, with a few thousand users behind it, was promoted on TikTok and hinted at a rebellious spirit as its main brand slogan.

Vybe Together has created an official web page , complete with a FAQ where it was declared to recognize the dangers of the pandemic, and that the app’s goal was to “organize small gatherings of people and not big parties”.

The journalist from The New York Times was the one who uncovered this application with a series of captures and a very critical tweet about it. He assured that the parties that were organized in Vybe are not safe and may accelerate the spread of Covid-19.

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