Apple Presented Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch Ultra, and Apple Watch SE 2nd Generation

Apple has introduced a new line of smartwatches, which includes the Apple Watch Series 8, the second generation of Apple Watch SE and the Apple Watch Ultra.

Apple Watch Series 8

Apple Watch Series 8

Visually, the smart gadget is practically no different from the Series 7. Like its predecessors, the Apple Watch Series 8 has a sleep tracker, a heart rate monitor, an EKG and a blood oxygen meter. The new temperature sensor is designed to help women monitor their menstrual cycle, in addition to previous cycle tracking. With the help of the sensor, it should be possible to determine the time of ovulation; the clock measures the temperature during the night.

The Apple Watch 8 can detect a car accident. When detected, the emergency call is automatically notified. Two new sensors are designed to recognize the forces that make up an accident. The gravitational force meter is said to be able to process data four times faster than the sensor before it. Frontal and side collisions, as well as overturning of the vehicle, are detected. The data is processed with the help of artificial intelligence. The accident detection only works when driving and processes data directly on the watch.

Apple Watch Series 8 features

The battery of the watch should last 18 hours; inside is the S8 sensor. A new low-power mode should enable a further 36 hours of runtime. Activity tracking and fall detection continue to work, and the always-on display, among other things, is switched off. The Apple Watch 8 is said to enable international roaming with the built-in eSIM.

The Series 8 is made from 100% aluminum and is available in midnight, starlight, silver and red. The Apple Watch Series 8 (GPS version) will cost $399. The option with GPS + Cellular is priced at $499. Sales of new items will start on September 16.

Apple Watch SE 2nd Generation

Apple Watch SE 2nd Generation

The second generation of the Apple Watch SE can track activities, monitor the heart rate and detect falls and car accidents. The display is 30 percent brighter than the Series 3 and comes with the same S8 sensor as the Apple Watch 8.

Apple Watch SE second generation has accelerated performance — the chip runs 20% faster than the previous version. Available in three colors — black, silver, and starlight.

Apple Watch SE 2nd Generation features

For Apple Watch SE 2 it is $249 with built-in GPS and $299 with the cellular connection

Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra

For the first time, the Apple Watch is also available in a more robust version for users who do more serious sports. With the Apple Watch Ultra, Apple continues on its way of moving the smartwatch more and more into the sports sector.

The Apple Watch Ultra model has a titanium case and a flat 49mm screen, a 36-hour battery that can last up to 60 hours, and the display is the brightest of all Apple Watches to date.

An additional button can be assigned an individual function. The watch has a second speaker and three microphones. The Apple Watch Ultra is only available with eSIM.

Apple Watch Ultra features

The watch also has a Wayfinder function designed for travel. This includes a compass, night mode and other innovations such as an audible alert up to 190m away. The GPS in the Apple Watch Ultra is the most accurate. 

The Apple Watch 8 will be available in aluminum and stainless steel. In addition to new standard straps, there are also two new Hermès straps. At the same time, the Apple Watch Ultra model in any version will cost $799.

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