Build Your Own Deadly USB Killer To Take Down Any Device

DIY YouTuber Thomas Kim shows how to build a deadly USB killer to fry any computer or laptop.

May be you heard about USB killer which fires an instant surge of power through your computer’s motherboard when connected and fries your computer/laptop. But the device was priced around 49$.

And recently a YouTuber demonstrated that it’s very easy to create your own USB Killer.

Kim has made his USB Killer by combining camera flash parts with AA battery and made it such that the USB pen drive will deliver 300 volts when plugged into an unsuspecting computer.

It’s effectively the same as a power surge, but the difference is that most power supplies have protection against those. USB buses often can’t offer the same kind of resistance, and consequently relay the energy to the rest of the computer, instantly killing it.

The videos below show the USB killer in action.

Homemade USB Killer :

USB Killer vs new MacBook Pro :

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