OpenAI ChatGPT features

According to an internal report by CNBC, Google recently interviewed with the AI language model ChatGPT. Based on its responses, it was regarded as qualified for the position of Level 3 Engineer. 

L3 is a Google entry-level developer role that pays an average of $183,000. The Google Software Engineer interview process relies heavily on technical questions, which is what ChatGPT went through. The interview also contains some CV-related parts, which of course the chatbot cannot answer.

When asked if it could replace software developers, ChatGPT said that it couldn’t since it’s just built to understand and generate human speech and lacks the capability for software creation or programming. However, it can help speed up certain tasks relevant to software developers, such as code documentation and debugging.

When asked if AI may replace software developers in five years, the AI stated that AI technologies such as ChatGPT are more likely to operate as tools for software developers, saving them time and resources.

ChatGPT was chosen as the winner of Google’s latest AI chatbot test. Although it passed the interview and was offered a salary of $183,000, it is still far from replacing software experts. Because AI lacks the creativity, problem-solving abilities, and critical thinking required for software development, it is more of a vital tool than a substitute.


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