Common Lenovo Laptop Problems and Solutions

Lenovo laptops most often freeze due to severe overheating or hardware problems. The main reasons for the temperature rise inside the case are improper design and a clogged cooling system. And in this article, you’ll learn how to deal with the most common Lenovo laptop issues at home with the help of Howly experts.

1. Malfunction of the Cooling System

The laptop’s cooling system requires regular maintenance due to the considerable accumulation of dust. And as a result of the wear and tear of the mechanical elements, sometimes repairs may be necessary. Coolers provide a constant supply of room temperature air. Unfortunately, in some Lenovo models, the cooling system is not well implemented. 

The bad news is that this defect is specific to the Lenovo IdeaPad, which has been in high demand for over ten years. But there’s good news: IdeaPad troubleshooting support on Howly. Qualified experts can help you solve any problem related to Lenovo laptops 24/7 in real-time. 

However, to avoid overheating, the specialists recommend regularly cleaning IdeaPad parts of dust and other contaminants. Its frequency is related to the operating conditions (dirtiness, average room temperature, use of a cooling pad). Depending on these factors, you should clean your laptop from 6 months to 2 years.

2. Laptop Slows Down Due to South or North Bridge Failure

Laptop motherboards have two main controllers installed as separate chips: the north and south bridge. These elements organize the interaction of the processor with other hardware components. Unfortunately, they often break due to overheating or a surge in voltage. Each chip is attached to the motherboard with multiple connections using soldering. 

Malfunctions can happen even when a single connection is damaged. The North Bridge is responsible for the CPU’s work with RAM and the graphics adapter. If the controller malfunctions, you can’t avoid repair. Perhaps, you may need to replace the chip, but experts highly recommend performing it in an authorized service center. 

As to the South Bridge, the primary purpose of it is to work with I/O devices. Thus, if the keyboard, touchpad, or external devices connected via USB stopped being detected on the laptop, this chip is defective. Some components may also stop being detected in the BIOS, so if the keyboard still works, check the BIOS Setup for all devices.

3. Problems with Saving Settings and System Time

Laptops retain the system date and time even after power is turned off. For this purpose, there’s a particular CMOS battery on the motherboard, which usually has a voltage of 3 V. If the Lenovo IdeaPad resets the time and date after each shutdown, the cause is a dead battery. But unlike the laptop’s main battery, it’s not a rechargeable one. So the only way is to replace it. 

Desktop PCs have a special connector on the motherboard into which this battery is inserted. Unfortunately, the Lenovo laptop’s motherboard usually doesn’t have this one. Instead, there are typically soldered contacts to the battery, through which the connection is made using two wires. If your battery doesn’t have them, try to fix the cables on opposite sides of the case with electrical tape or heat shrink tubing.


Lenovo computers are quality devices that are long-lasting and easy to use. However, malfunctions also happen with them, and now you know how to fix the most common issues. Plus, you’ll always have Lenovo IdeaPad Support 24/7 on Howly.

Jenna Jose
Jenna Jose
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