Create A Suspended Text Effect Using Photoshop

In this tutorial we are going to show you how to create a suspended text effect in photoshop.The tutorial will show you how to create a path using pen tool and how to select and edit a particular item from the document.
So let’s start:

Tutorial Details

Difficulty : Intermediate
Estimated Time : 45 Minutes
Software : Photoshop Cs3 +

►Step 1

• Create a new document “(1000 X 700)px” with black background color.
• And create a new Text layer with following properties:
Font : Verdana
Font Style: Bold
Font Size:130pt
Font Color:#ffffff

create a text using text tool in photoshop

►Step 2

• Now create a new layer above “Background” and name it as “Gradient“.
• Select Gradient Tool and set foreground color #ffffff(white) and background color #000000(black) and gradient style “Linear Gradient
• Now drag a line from top to bottom to create a gradient effect

use of gradient tool in photoshop

►Step 3

• “Ctrl + Click” on text layer thumbnail.Now you can see a selection around your letters.
• Now focus on “Gradient” layer and press “Ctrl + J” to duplicate it.And name the new layer as “TextGrad
• And Hide Text layer and “Gradient” layer.
Now you can see gradient is applied on your text only.

duplicate layers in photoshop

►Step 4

Now we are going to select each letters of our text.
• Focus on “TextGrad” layer.
• “Ctrl + Click” on “TextGrad” layer thumbnail.
• Then select “Rectangular Marquee Tool” and enable option “Intersect With Selection“.
• And select your first letter.

use of rectangular marquee tool in photoshop

Now you can see only you first letter is selected.

select an item in photoshop

►Step 5

• Create a new layer above “TextGrad” and name it as “ColorText“.
• Now focus on “ColorText” layer and select any color and using “Paint Bucket Tool” fill our first selected text.
• Set Blend Mode to “Screen“.
• And last press “Ctrl + D” to deselect

fill color and change blend mode in photoshop

►Step 6

Repeat above two steps to edit your reaming letters and you will get an image similar to below one

fill color using photoshop

►Step 7

Set Opacity of both “TextGrad” and “ColorText” layers to “60%

set opacity in photoshop

►Step 8

Now duplicateTextGrad” and “ColorText” layers.

duplicate layers in photoshop

►Step 9

• First focus on original “TextGrad” layer and go to “Filter → Blur → Gaussian Blur” and set “Radius:5px“.
• Do the same effect to original “ColorText” layer too.

Apply gaussian blur effect in photoshop

►Step 10

Now merge all those four layers [“ColorText,ColorText Copy,TextGrad Copy,TextGrad”].
To Merge,”Ctrl + Clickeach layer and go to “Layers → Merge Layers” or press “Ctrl + E

merge layers in photoshop

►Step 11

• Now focus on your merged text layer.Ctrl + Click” its thumbnail and do the same process with “Rectangular Marquee Tool” that we done in Step 4.And select your first letter.
• After selection press “Ctrl + J” to duplicate our selected letter to new layer.

duplicate layers in photoshop
duplicate layers in photoshop

►Step 12

• Repeat the same process for each letter. Don’t forget to select the “ColorText Copy” layer after you press “Ctrl + J” each time.
• And when you done you will get duplicate copy of all letters in separate layer.
HideColorText Copy” layer to make duplicated layers visible.

hide layer in photoshop

►Step 13

• Now create a new layer just above the “ColorText Copy“.And name it as “Rope“.
• Select “Pen Tool” and enable Tool Mode to “Path” and draw a path as shown below.

use pen tool to draw path in photoshop

►Step 14

• Now set foreground color to “#cff5f5
• Then select “Brush Tool” and set “Brush Size:4px” and choose a hard round brush preset

use brush tool,adjust size of brush in photoshop

►Step 15

• After that again select “Pen Tool” and Right Click on the Path you created and choose “Stroke Path“.
• And in small box set “Tool:Brush“.
• And then hit “Enter” to Hide Path.

set stroke path tool in photoshop
set stroke path tool :brush in photoshop
path flled by brush tool in photoshop

►Step 16

• Press “Ctrl + J” to duplicate “Rope” layer.
• Focus on original “Rope” layer and apply “Gaussian Blur” filter again or Press “Ctrl + F“.

duplicate and apply gaussian blur filter in photoshop

►Step 17

Arrange each letters on the Rope so that it looks like hanging.

resize,transform text in photoshop

►Step 18

• Now first “Ctrl + Click” on “Rope Copy” layer thumbnail to select rope.
• And then select each letter layer.
• With the help of “Eraser Tool” erase the outer edges so that the letter looks like its really hang on the Rope
• And last press “Ctrl + D” to get rid of selection

use eraser tool in photoshop

►Step 19

• Again select “Eraser Tool“.This time set its size as “8px” and choose hard round brush preset.
• And then select each letters and start erase parts where the Rope and the Letter meet.

use eraser tool in photoshop

And you will get

erase tool effect in photoshop

 ►Step 20

Now “Ctrl + Select” each letter layers and change its Blend Mode to “Screen“.
And we are done with our letters

set blend mode in photoshop

 ►Step 21

Now we are going to give some background effects.
• create a new layer above “Background” layer and name it as “NewBg“.
• Select “Brush Tool” with “Soft Round” Brush Preset and brush some random spots on your canvas.
• Then erase the a little bit of color around letters and  centre part

paint and use erase tool in photoshop

 ►Step 22

Then finally apply “Gaussian Blur” filter and also adjust opacity of “NewBg” layer

apply gaussian blur filter in photoshop

We are done…

 Final Image

final image of suspended text effect in photoshop

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