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Today May 5, World Password Day – means today is the best day for upgrading your online security by creating a better super secure password. Everyday we come across the news regrading hackers compromising different accounts. The fact is that most of them are happened due to the implementation weak passwords for your online accounts.

Hackers compromise your personal accounts by different methods like Phishing, XSS, DDoS,SQL Injection etc.. We explained how most of this methods works in our previous articles. In facts knowing the anatomy of data breach  sometimes doesn’t protect your online data. For that you need a super secure password. In this article you will see how to create a super secure password and stay protected from online attacks.

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How To Create A Super Secure Password ?

Passwords protect a lot of our important online information, including details as delicate as our addresses and phone numbers, our social security numbers, our banking account numbers and credit card information. Having a good secure password can go a long way in protecting that information from criminals who want to access it.

Interesting fact is that even in these days people are using super easy to crack passwords such as “12345”,”password” etc to gaurd their accounts. So on World Password Day, here are a few tips on how to make better super secure password that are still easy to use, but also harder to crack.

Long Passwords – Strong Passwords

Yes long passwords are always strong passwords. Prefred atleast 10-15 character length will make a strong secure password. And don’t forget to string an easily remembered phrase together to create a password that’s harder to crack.

Use Uppercase/Lowercase,Special Characters And Numbers

Along with long passwords always remember to include uppercase and lowercase letters together with special characters and numbers in your passwords, for example “#ReadyTO385*BReaK”, will make your password more secured and difficult to crack.

Use Different Password For Different Accounts

This is important, always use different passwords for different accounts. Means different password for your Email account or social network account. Because if your password is stolen in a data breach then you should expect that the crooks will try it out on Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and any other websites they think you might be using too.

I know for some people its is hard to remember different password, so they mostly use same passwords for their all online accounts. Remember today’s Web browsers, can save passwords for each account, and if you do forget, almost every website allows you to retrieve and/or change that password or use password manager apps like Dashlane or Last Pass.

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Don’t Share Your Passwords

Whatever you do, don’t let other people know what your passwords are. Don’t brag that all your banking information and other important accounts are protected by a password that is your child’s name and birthday. And if someone needs access to your account for anything, don’t tell them the password. If you must give them access to an account, type your information in yourself.

Change Passwords Every 3 Months Like A Toothbrush

It will be safe if you change your passwords every 3 months. Changing passwords often is important because passwords are sometimes stolen without the knowledge of the victim, and stolen passwords often aren’t used immediately. They’re collected, sold to organized crime, rebundled and resold, and left unused for some time. Even if you’re not aware your password was stolen, if you change it periodically you may change it before a thief has an opportunity to use it.

Use Two-Factor Authentication

Even long passwords with nonsensical characters aren’t 100 percent hacker-proof. This is where two-factor authentication comes in handy. This means that to access your accounts, you not only enter a password, but also verify that you’re accessing your account by either confirming through an auto-sent email or text message. This gives your accounts an extra layer of protection.

These are the important tips for creating a super secure password. Always remember to apply these tips to your passwords and protect your online accounts from cyber-criminals.

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