[Infographic] 8 Deadly Computer Viruses That Brought the Internet to Its Knees

[Infographic] 8 Deadly Computer Viruses That Brought the Internet to Its Knees

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We all heard about computer viruses, yes not a new thing . Everyday new type of computer viruses are created by cyber-criminals to compromise our gadgets and personal data. Did you know first computer virus was created by a 15-year-old high school student, Rich Skrenta in February 1982. And the name of the first computer virus was Elk Cloner. Since Elk Cloner virus was a harmless prank, displaying random messages to users and played subtle tricks when the infected floppy disk was booted.

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After that many different types of viruses have been created. Some, like the Elk Cloner, can be annoying but harmless to your computer. Others can do actual damage and end up costing you money due to wasting computer resources, causing system failures, corrupting or deleting your data, or even stealing your private information.

While many of these computer viruses can easily be defeated and others have gone rampant and cost millions of dollars in damage. And also it’s difficult to count the actual number of computer viruses in existence because everyone defines new viruses and categorizes them differently. Some estimates range from in the thousands, to the tens of millions, while others categorize all viruses to a couple dozen different types.

Governments and big companies aren’t the only ones at risk. Your computer can be hacked by computer viruses as well, giving hackers access to your personal information, corrupting your data, wiping your hard drive, and even using your computer to spread the virus to your friends and family.

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8 Deadly Computer Viruses

So here is an infographic from WhoisHostingThis, where they show 8 deadly computer viruses in history, the effects they had on their victims — and how you can keep yourself safe.

Deadly Computer Viruses

Did you ever created any computer viruses to prank your friend, if not then create one now and scare him.

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So in your opinion what are the possible ways to stay safe from computer viruses. We’d love to hear from you in the comments!