‘Edit Tweet’ Button Has Already Started Showing Up On Some Profiles

The button to edit tweets has been a long-desired dream for Twitter users. This pipe dream, once seemingly unattainable, will soon become a reality. The ‘Edit Tweet’ button has already started to appear on some people’s profiles. However, at the moment, it seems that it can’t be used.

On April 16, Dylan Roussel of 9to5Google commented along with some screenshots that the edit button on Twitter was now available on his account. Of course, this feature hasn’t been officially launched, and although Roussel has confirmed that he has it, he also says he can’t use it yet.


However, it looks like Twitter Blue Labs will start testing it “in the coming months,” according to Digital Trends. Because of this, it looks like Twitter is very serious about its new feature.

Twitter is on the threshold of a major change, and we’re not just talking about its owners. The inclusion of an edit button marks a clear change of intentions in the social network, and soon we could see many other surprises.

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