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Alphabet Project Taara

Alphabet’s Project Taara Transmits 700 TB Of Data Over 5 Kilometers Using Light Beams

Last January, Google parent company, Alphabet, closed one of the most ambitious connection projects, Project Loon, with which they sought to provide internet through balloons located at high altitude. However, the Free Space Optical...
Microsoft passwordless login

You No Longer Need A Password To Access Your Microsoft Account

Microsoft enables passwordless login. This allows customers to sign in to their Microsoft account without having to enter passwords. Instead, the respective account is linked to a second factor, such as Windows Hello, the Microsoft...
Google planning to add Social Network features in YouTube to compete with Facebook, Twitter

Why do people want to download videos from YouTube?

YouTube is a leading platform that provides free movies, videos, songs, etc. for user experience. Users need high-quality video content on the Internet. Are you experiencing problems such as poor quality, slow browsing, or...
Google Search news and stories

Why Checking the SERP Data Manually is a Bad Idea

SERP data can be an invaluable treasure trove for businesses looking to maximize their visibility on the internet and reach more users. However, how you collect and analyze such data will have a significant...
automated bots

Almost Two-Thirds Of Internet Traffic Comes From Bots

In the first half of 2021, the volume of traffic from malicious bots increased significantly, leading to an increase in automated attacks on organizations, according to a September report from Barracuda Networks.According to the report, almost...
Increase Internet Speed In Windows

Tips to Troubleshoot Your Internet Connection

When it comes to residential internet, many things can go wrong. No internet connection or service is perfect. You may face different sorts of issues. However, if these issues persist, you need to change...

Facebook Apologizes For AI Labeling Black Men As “Primates”

Facebook has apologized after the social network's artificial intelligence labelled videos of black men as "primates".According to The New York Times, the video in question belongs to the British newspaper Daily Mail. It was uploaded...
Safely Shop Online

Live Streaming Is The Future of Shopping

Today, live streaming is everywhere. Live coverage of the news as they happen has been with us for ages - but now, you can live stream pretty much everything from animals at the zoo...