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Twitter Spaces

Spaces: Twitter Expands Clubhouse Alternative To Android Users

Twitter Spaces — Clubhouse Alternative — makes its entry into the Android version of the app. This feature allows you to have voice chats with others in closed spaces.Twitter announced Spaces last December, a feature to...
Export Photos And Videos From iCloud To Google Photos

Apple’s New Tool Lets You Transfer Photos And Videos From iCloud To Google Photos...

Apple has launched a new tool that allows you to automatically transfer photos and videos from iCloud to Google Photos. It's simple, easy to use, and completely free. The new feature is not only...
Vimeo news and stories

Monetizing video in 2021: Explore new opportunities with your Vimeo channel

Many content creators fail to see the value of their Vimeo channels outside of the native platform. However, in reality, there are many lucrative opportunities for monetizing video.Is video advertising the future of online...
free services to share large files over internet

10 Best free services to send large files over the internet in 2021

What you do when someone asks you to send large files over the internet? When I say large files, I mean files sized 100MB or 1GB or even 4GB.Since most of the existing...
How Facial Recognition Works

Facebook Pays $650 Million In Facial Recognition Lawsuit

Facebook pays $ 650 million to plaintiffs in a dispute over the use of facial recognition technology after years of litigation.A judge in California at the weekend approved the settlement of the parties in...
Bill Gates

Android or iOS? Bill Gates Reveals What Operating System He Uses And Explains Why

Recently, Bill Gates has participated in a Clubhouse room in which he answered various questions about the recent book he has published. However, the former Microsoft executive also answered some more personal questions, such...
Australia And Facebook

Dispute Between Australia And Facebook Has Been Settled

Australia was the first country in the world to pass a digital media law that obliges large internet companies such as Google and Facebook to pay for the distribution of media companies' products.Media Bargaining...
Spotify HiFi

Spotify HiFi: Lossless High-Quality Music Streaming Arrives This Year

Spotify plans to launch a new feature called Spotify HiFi this year. This should enable the music streaming service to play songs and albums with better sound quality.Spotify HiFi increases the sound quality of the streaming...