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Unreal Editor coming to Fortnite

Epic Games Will Release Unreal Editor For Fortnite By The End Of 2022

Epic Games has taken another step towards the metaverse. CEO Tim Sweeny confirms Fortnite will now have an Unreal Editor where players can create games and monetize with them, just like on Roblox.During an interview with Fast...
Spotify Island Metaverse

Spotify Dives Into The Metaverse With A Virtual Island On Roblox

Spotify enters the metaverse. The streaming music platform has opened its Spotify Island in Roblox, a virtual universe where fans and artists will have access to interactive sound experiences, quests, hidden surprises and exclusive merchandise.Through Spotify Island,...
Twitter Safety Mode

Elon Musk Announced The Deal To Acquire Twitter Is Temporarily “Put On Hold”

Elon Musk has temporarily suspended the purchase of Twitter. As Elon Musk explains on Twitter, the deal to take over Twitter is temporarily "on hold" because detailed calculations are still pending to determine whether only a...
FIDO Standard Passwordless Authorization

FIDO Standard: Apple, Google And Microsoft Collab To Integrate A Single Passwordless Authorization Standard

Apple, Google and Microsoft have collaborated to adopt a passwordless login system to access websites and apps on their devices and platforms.The launch of the new technology is scheduled for 2023. A single standard for passwordless...
Play Fortnite For Free On iOS and Android With Xbox Cloud Gaming

Thanks To Microsoft, Play Fortnite For Free On iOS and Android With Xbox Cloud...

Fortnite, one of the most popular battle royale from Epic Games in recent years, has been unavailable for both iOS and Android for quite some time. The litigation of Epic Games against Google and Apple's practices...
online data storage-data room

How to Protect Your Trade Secrets in the M&A Virtual Data Room

Polestar acquired Guggenheim Partners for $20 billion; Nvidia bought Arm Holding for $40 billion, while Microsoft acquired Activision Blizzard for a whopping $68.7 billion. These were some of the biggest M&A transactions in the last few...
Apple Pay payment service

The European Commission Accuses Apple Of Restricting Competition With Apple Pay

The European Commission accused Apple of exploiting its dominant position by restricting competitors' access to crucial technology for offering payment services on iPhone via its Apple Pay payment service. The EU Commission concluded that...
Amazon Alexa Shares Your Voice Data

Amazon Alexa Shares Your Voice Data With Dozens Of Partners To Show You Targeted...

Google and Facebook are well-known for using your data and search history to deliver personalized advertisements. Even in a recently leaked internal document, Facebook admits it has no idea what it does with your data or...