Google Considers Paid Subscription for Advanced AI Search Capabilities

Google is reportedly considering the introduction of a premium subscription service for its search engine, aiming to unveil a new revenue stream. According to the Financial Times, informed sources reveal that Google plans to monetize the AI-powered enhancements expected to be integrated into its search engine.

Historically, Google’s search engine has been freely accessible to all, with the company’s revenue primarily stemming from advertisements displayed across various search result sections. However, this new initiative would mark Google’s first attempt at placing a paywall around one of its principal services.

While the traditional, ad-supported search function will remain free, Google intends to offer an advanced search experience, powered by generative AI, for a monthly subscription fee, details of which are yet to be disclosed. Interestingly, opting for the premium route won’t exempt users from ads. Google clarified to Reuters, asserting a continued ad presence in search results, even within the paid model.

The Mountain View-based giant is no stranger to integrating paid AI features into its services. Google One’s AI Premium plan subscribers already have exclusive access to Gemini Advance, an enhanced version of its language model. This advanced AI assists users in composing emails via Gmail and performing tasks in other Google services like Docs and Slides.

Furthermore, Google’s AI Premium service, part of the Google One suite, is priced at $19.99/month. This pricing is on par with what OpenAI charges for ChatGPT Plus. It remains uncertain whether Google’s enhanced AI features for its search engine will be incorporated into the existing Google One AI Premium plan or if they will be offered through a separate subscription model.

Amaya Simon
Amaya Simon
Amaya Simon is a seasoned programmer specializing in smart devices, AI, and machine learning. With a Master's in Computer Science and a decade of experience, she writes to demystify complex tech. Outside work, she's a robot-building, origami-loving mom.


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