Google Unveils Search Labs to Explore New Search Features and AI-Powered Experiences

Google is renowned for its cutting-edge goods and services that have transformed technology use. The straightforward search interface we have all grown accustomed to is one of its most popular offerings. Google appears to be prepared to abandon this conventional search interface, though.

This year’s Google I/O featured the launch of the company’s new “Search Labs” initiative. Users can test out Google’s search screen of the future and offer feedback on fresh ideas and early tests through this experimental programme.

Search Labs is a limited-time experience that allows users to experiment with different features. One of these features is the Search Generative Experience (SGE), which brings the power of generative AI to Google Search. This new search experience helps users find and understand information quickly. As users search for information, they can get an AI-powered overview of the topic, pointers to explore further, and a natural way to follow up.

Another feature of Search Labs is Code Tips, which harnesses the power of large language models to give users pointers on how to write code faster and smarter. Users can ask how-to questions about specific programming languages such as C, C++, Go, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, Python, and TypeScript, tools such as Docker, Git, and Shell, and algorithms.

Finally, Add to Sheets is a feature that allows users to insert search results directly into a spreadsheet to share with friends. This feature is particularly useful for planning trips, adding information to your itinerary, or recording other information you find in your searches.

At the moment, Search Labs is only accessible in the US and English. It is unknown if it will be accessible in other areas.

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