Google Introduces New Search Featuring AI to Answer Complex Questions

With AI, Google has revealed a new search function that gives users accurate results from various sources. The brand-new tool, AI Snapshot, creates summaries of search results utilizing substantial language models from freely available online resources. Although Google attempts to enhance the tool’s capabilities with its Bard AI technology, it will initially only operate in English.

The AI Snapshot function will make it easier to find information, particularly when looking for items based on parameters. Users can locate exclusive products that are hard to locate in conventional stores using Google’s AI search engine. With the new search feature, Google will look for appropriate goods across many online shops and provide them to the user.

Google’s Vice President of Search Products, Liz Reid, demonstrated several examples of how the new search feature will work. For example, when Reid typed in the search query “Why is sourdough bread still popular?” the AI generated a summary consisting of several paragraphs that briefly described the advantages of sourdough bread and included a block of three links to resources for further information.

The new look of the Google SERP page is focused on AI and is not similar to what users are used to. Developers have implemented some of the company’s leading developments in large language models in Search, including the general-purpose PaLM 2 model and the unified multitasking model (MuM), which is used to improve the quality of complex query processing.

The AI Snapshot feature is an experiment, and not all search queries will lead to its appearance in the search results. The tool will only generate summaries when Google believes an AI snapshot would be more useful than a standard search result. In addition, the intervention of neural networks is excluded from queries on important topics such as health or finance.

To access the new AI search feature, users will need to join the Search Generative Experience program, which is part of the Search Labs service. Google representatives emphasize that the Search Generative Experience is an experiment. Still, the company sees this approach as a fundamental long-term change in how users interact with the search engine. 

Avinash A
Avinash A
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