Elements of an Effective Embedded GUI Framework

It can be quite overwhelming when wanting to choose an effective embedded GUI framework. From looking for the deliverables required to witnessing the end result, there can be quite a lot that you will need.

But first, what exactly is an embedded GUI framework?

A GUI framework is an abstract software framework using which software can be designed. The framework comes with basic written code. The generic code can then be manipulated by the user to create software, apps, and websites as needed, or even new codes can be added as usage requires. 

The frameworks when specializing in software development meant for embedded devices can be known as embedded GUI framework.

Suppose you specialize in creating devices with embedded software such as smart refrigerators, thermostats, watches, etc. In that case, you will need an embedded GUI framework to help you construct software that will work great with your devices and provide an excellent user experience. 

Choosing an embedded GUI framework with components you require for your job can be difficult, considering what exactly your needs are. Hence, here are a few elements of an effective embedded GUI framework that you should look for when choosing a framework!

1. Contents

The one component of frameworks that need to be at the forefront of your contemplations when you choose an embedded GUI framework should be the content of the framework. Does it specialize in what you need? Does the framework have impressive code in your genera? Does it allow you to make extreme requests for customization?

If the framework does not match your area of expertise, it is better to steer clear of it. 

2. Navigation 

The framework, in a way, is your shortcut to your dream software but without compromising on excellence. The navigation in the framework, accessibility of different objects, classes, and functions, how readily you can manipulate the code, and does the layout of the framework helps in quick navigation to objects and code you require can help cut short the time needed to build your software drastically.

If you have to go through extensive steps when navigating the framework, it will not only affect the time taken and quality of the software but also will take out the fun from the process.

3. Ease of import

When designing your GUI, you might not totally rely on one framework or tool itself. Hence, you might design the visual components of your software, such as animations, design, on other tools such as Photoshop and Sketch. But if the framework does not support import, it all will be worth nothing. 

So, the one element highly important is to see if the framework supports the import of content and its seamless integration.

4. Ability of compare

If you come across a highly effective framework, it is possible you will only need to manipulate the code to a small degree, but at times you may want to compare it with the original code. 

Otherwise, too, the ability to compare, merge and collaborate the code without disrupting the original iteration can help in picking out the difference in code works for your software and which version is preferred.

5. Debugging

framework is a great way of steering clear of extreme code error as only minimal manipulation is required. But complete elimination of error is still not possible as syntax errors can still creep in. Hence, if the element of debugging and optimizing the code can ease your workload and help create seamless software. 

The optimization components can also facilitate the creation of better code and help make better decisions.

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6. Interoperability 

An element highly crucial for all frameworks is interoperability. It is the ability of the framework to withstand the integration of commonly known frameworks such as JavaScript. As a skilled expert with knowledge of the framework in question will not always be available, but more widely known framework experts are mostly available. The framework being considered should be able to function without raising issues upon being integrated with JavaScript should be a given.

7. Adaptability

Not only should the framework be interoperable but also adaptable. As new technologies come each day, software need to be constantly updated to stay up to date with the requirements of the audience. If the framework is not adaptable, the embedded GUI software created will soon lose the audience. Thus, look for frameworks with adaptable features.

8. Innovative

What sets apart any framework from the other? The innovation and design put behind it. If creativity does not drive the framework of your choice, it sure will not help you reach excellence. Not only will this set you apart from others, but it will also help define your industry. 

Nethra Gupta
Nethra Gupta
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