[Infographic] Enemies of Internet Freedom – Government Organizations Around the World who Monitor our Online Activities

[Infographic] Enemies of Internet Freedom –  Government Organizations Around the World who Monitor our Online Activities

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Today we are talking about internet freedom. Internet is vast ocean, the World Wide Web is home to over a trillion gigabytes of data. The total number of websites online has just exceeded 1 billion, with hundreds of new sites going live every day.

And as fast as the Internet is growing, notoriously slow-moving governments have a hard time keeping up. But that doesn’t stop some governments organizations from trying. There are some government organizations around the world who are trying to monitor our every online activity and are controlling our internet freedom. Literally they are the enemies of internet freedom.

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The NSA is a famous example. In the name of security, they monitor United States citizens’ online activity, both public and private, on Google, Facebook, Skype, and even by spying on your smartphone. But the US isn’t the only country keeping a close eye on your every move: Countries on every continent have formed special organizations and task forces to control our internet freedom. They monitor the activity of not only their own citizens, but of people around the world.

And they’re not only monitoring activity, but restricting it as well. Any website deemed illegal or harmful to their citizens is blocked, including news sites, blogs, and even social media. In some countries they can even enter your home to search for illegal media if evidence of your activities is found online.

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Top Enemies of Internet Freedom

Who’s watching your every move online? The NSA knows what you’re up to — but they’re not the only ones. Even countries you may think of as valuing the freedom of their citizens may not be governed by people who believe in a free Internet. So checkout the infographic from Whoishostingthis and see who’s doing the watching.

Enemies of Internet Freedom

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What you are thinking about internet freedom? Do you agree with government organisation spying on your online activity? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!