Top 10 Features For Your Insurance App In 2021

Human error and the inevitability of bad luck make insurance a must for every individual. Each day, people encounter situations that require them to change, alter, or make use of their insurance policies. Unfortunately, accessing those policies can often be as much of a headache as filing a claim.

Insurance apps are quintessential because they allow users to access their insurance account, file a claim, and make changes with total ease. Custom ios app development makes it possible to build an insurance app from the ground up, creating a mobile platform that eases the frustrations of dealing with insurance and ensures that customers are always engaged and happy. Not only is this key to building a loyal following, but a great insurance app allows you to access the key analytical data that can be key to true growth in the technology space.

Below, we’ve laid out the top 10 features every insurance app should include by 2021. Not only are these features necessary to appeasing your audience, but they are key in garnering the data and analytics necessary to understand your consumer base. That’s a win for everyone involved!

The Top 10 Features For Your Insurance App in 2021

The advantages of an insurance app for customer satisfaction and analytics are numerous. Most will be obvious to your business, yet you need to make sure you include a few key features to increase service level, broaden your audience, and build a foundation of brand loyalty.

1. Ability to Track Insurance Claims

Without question, users want the ability to monitor insurance claims and garner insights into how their particular claim is being processed. In any insurance app, users will want to be able to do the following things:

  • View claim information online
  • Upload photos or documents
  • Update contact information
  • Speak with/contact an agent directly through the app
  • File an initial claim

Much like users want to track a long-awaited package, they want to know the status of a claim without having to call into the agency or be placed on hold. To make this feature one step further, use custom ios app development to allow users to communicate with contractors, repair shops, or agents who may be working on their case.

2. Unique User Profiles

Oftentimes, there is more than one person in a household on an insurance policy. In order to make your app truly efficient in 2021, you’ll want to make it easy for each user to create a profile and then access their individual profile with ease. Custom IOS app development teams can help you to develop an auto insurance application that provides individual profiles to every user. Additionally, it should be very simple for new users and existing users to create an account. These user profiles can also garner valuable data for your company and analytical insights into your consumer base.

3. Electronic Insurance Card

Depending on the type of insurance you’re offering, it is paramount that your insurance app includes access to an electronic insurance card. This is a practical feature that can quickly allow users to pull up their insurance cards on their smartphones and provide proof of insurance. Not only does this eliminate the need for users to carry paper cards on their person at all times, but it can be handy in instances where they happen to misplace a card or simply forget it at home. Right now, 31 states allow individuals to show proof of insurance on their smartphone. This number will only continue to grow.

4. Virtual Account Assistance

Let’s face it; most people don’t want to call into their insurance company to ask a simple question. Wait times can be long and frustrating. When you’re building your insurance app in 2021, strive to include a virtual assistant that can help with account questions and management. This assistant should be able to assist in making payments, understanding coverage terms, viewing claim information, and answering frequently asked questions. Another option would be to include the option of having “face to face” conversations between customers and agents. In other words, it should be easy through the app to manage an account and speak with an agent.

5. Ability to Add or Alter Coverage

In the modern-day, users want the ability to open up an app on their smartphone and check a box of their to-do list. When it comes to insurance, there are many instances in which one needs to add coverage or alter coverage. Granting the ability to do so through the app will gain you major bonus points with your consumer base. For example, a great car insurance app will allow you to add new vehicles for insurance and remove old vehicles you no longer have through the app. A homeowner’s policy should be able to do the same.

6. Push Notifications

You cannot work with a custom IOS app development team and not include push notifications on your insurance app. These notifications keep users notified about claims, payments, and even policy expiration dates. Not only is this essential to keeping consumers in the loop, but it can serve for both service and marketing purposes by offering advantages to your clients and business simultaneously. Of course, you should include the option for users to turn push notifications off or to tailor the notifications to suit their specific needs. For example, not every user will want a reminder on policy renewals, but most will want to be reminded when a payment is due.

7. Real-Time Quotes and Pricing

For too long, the process of obtaining an insurance quote has been a headache that resulted in a lot of emails and messy marketing ploys. Consumers are over that whole scene. Most people simply want to input their information into the app to garner a real quote right away. No, they have to wait for an email or a call from an agent.

Once a customer has obtained a quote, then give them the option of contacting an agent for more information or simply let them sign up for that particular plan on the app. In an increasingly busy world, most people just want to get the information they need as quickly as possible. As a bonus, real-time quotes allow you to garner information, data, and analytics on every customer. This can be valuable for marketing purposes or simply appealing to your base.

8. Geolocation Services

Most of us don’t equate insurance apps with geolocation, yet adding this feature to your insurance app in 2021 could really set you apart from the pack. This feature makes it possible for your clients to access their information from anywhere while making it possible for you to track their movements and discerning valuable information should a claim be filed. In the event that users are visiting or staying in a foreign nation, geolocation can also help you to guide them accordingly or to find a necessary institution.

9. Live Chat Support

Easy interaction between parties is key in appeasing customers and starting a great foundational relationship. Include a 24/7 customer support screen that allows users to get answers to their most basic questions and to problem solve larger problems. This should be accomplished through chat support that connects users with live agents who can assist them with ease. Choosing to include this type of customer service can also help you to reduce operational costs as you will need fewer staff members to assist customers. Additionally, most customers will, in general, be quite a bit happier.

10. Multi-lingual Assistance

If you want your insurance app to really appeal to a wide audience, you’ll need to include a multi-lingual assistance function with your IOS app development team. The world is a diverse place, and if you want to cater to customers from all walks of life, you’ll need an application that can assist all users regardless of their native language. Only catering to English speaking customers won’t do, nor will it gain you a loyal following from all corners of the world. Make sure anyone can access your app and make the app as inclusive as possible. Multi-lingual assistance will set you apart from apps that only really work to those who are native in English.

In Conclusion

If you want your IOS development team to build an app with the top 10 features for your insurance app in 2021, you’ll want to think like a customer. Sure, you want to gain some valuable analytics, marketing, and customer loyalty from the app itself, but you also want people to start using the app initially. By including each of these ten features, you’ll check all of the boxes a user could want from an insurance app and create a seamless experience that will keep your client’s coming back for more.

Rakesh Babu
Rakesh Babu
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