Foxconn to Invest $500 Million in South India Manufacturing Plant as Apple Expands Footprint

Foxconn, Apple’s largest manufacturing partner, has announced its plans to invest $500 million in establishing a manufacturing plant in South India. This strategic move by Foxconn aligns with Apple’s broader goal of expanding its presence in the thriving South Asian market and diversifying its manufacturing infrastructure beyond China.

As the Indian government continues to promote local manufacturing actively, Foxconn is seizing the opportunity to capitalize on the incentives offered by the Indian government. The investment by Foxconn emphasizes its commitment to leveraging the Indian market’s potential for ‘mid-range to high-end’ products.

Telangana IT Minister KT Rama Rao shared the news of Foxconn’s investment via a tweet, highlighting that the project’s first phase will generate 25,000 direct jobs. This significant investment further solidifies Foxconn’s already established presence in India, where it currently manufactures iPhones and recently commenced production of AirPods.

India’s enormous market, with a population of 1.4 billion, presents an appealing prospect for companies targeting mid to high-end product segments. Foxconn Chairman Young Liu emphasized the importance of expanding the company’s assembly and parts business in India to cater to customer demands.

The increased investment by Foxconn in India closely aligns with Apple’s ambitious endeavours to reduce its reliance on a single manufacturing hub. Apple has been actively exploring opportunities in India to diversify its manufacturing infrastructure. This recent development further underscores Apple’s growing interest in the Indian market.

Industry analysts at JP Morgan predict that by 2025, India could account for a remarkable 25% of all iPhone production. This projection reflects the immense growth potential and attractiveness of the Indian market and the favourable business environment the Indian government has fostered.

The establishment of the manufacturing plant by Foxconn in South India will boost local job creation and contribute to the country’s broader goal of becoming a global manufacturing hub. It signifies a significant milestone in the partnership between Foxconn and Apple, further cementing their shared commitment to innovation, growth, and market expansion.

As Apple and Foxconn forge ahead with their plans for increased investment and manufacturing in India, the South Asian nation stands poised to become a key player in the global supply chain while simultaneously reaping the economic benefits of this collaboration.

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