Future iPads Will Go From Being Made Of Aluminium To Titanium Alloy

According to sources cited by DigiTimes, Apple is considering creating future iPads with a titanium alloy body that will replace the aluminium-based metal used in current models. In addition, they will use a new PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) solution to increase the scratch resistance of the device.

Although stainless steel and aluminium are resistant materials, they have the problem that daily use can affect their final appearance. Titanium solves this problem, providing robustness, especially in the face of day-to-day inclement weather. In addition, its glossy finish can make it more attractive to the end-user.

The statement follows a similar report last month that high-end models in Apple’s 2022 iPhone lineup will ditch the existing aluminium and stainless steel body design in favor of titanium due to the latter’s greater strength and durability.

Unfortunately, we do not know how this would affect the price of the iPad, as it could increase production costs and therefore make these tablets more expensive.

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