Google and Taito Partner to Bring Space Invaders to AR: Space Invaders World Defense

Fans of the classic retro game Space Invaders will soon be able to play an augmented reality version of the game, thanks to a partnership between Google and Taito. The AR version of the game, titled “Space Invaders: World Defense,” was announced at the Google I/O conference and will be released this summer.

The game uses Google’s augmented reality toolkit ARCore and the Geospatial Creator production tool to bring the classic game to life in the real world. The gameplay will feature giant dot-painted invaders attacking the real world, and players will operate a state-of-the-art spaceship to protect the planet.

The game’s website promises an “epic adventure” using the latest AR technology and Google’s Geospatial Creator, allowing for an immersive real-world experience. The game’s modes and settings are yet to be revealed. 

The partnership between Google and Taito shows the potential of combining classic retro games with modern AR technology to create new gaming experiences. The game’s release this summer will surely generate excitement and nostalgia among fans of the classic game.

Overall, Space Invaders: World Defense is a great example of how AR technology can create immersive experiences for gamers in the real world. The game’s release will undoubtedly bring back fond memories for longtime fans of the classic retro game while also introducing a new generation to the fun and excitement of Space Invaders.

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