Google Celebrates Its 17th Birthday – A Little Flashback

Happy "Birthday" Google!!!!!!

Google is celebrating its 17th birthday today by posting an animated doodle on its homepage which reminds back to the web of the 1990s. The 17th birthday Google Doodle will appear in almost every country in the world, according to the Doodle blog.

The image, featuring a retro, plastic PC, lava lamp and even 1998’s “Google!” Logo, features on Google’s homepage on September 27, which the internet giant has retroactively chosen as its birthday. And Google explained why its birthday logo reminds 1990’s in a Doodle blog post.

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“In the world of computer programming, 17 is widely considered the least random number. To assume we made it this far without a little luck, though, would be like assuming lava lamps, turtlenecks, and servers held together by building blocks are harbingers of success. For our 17th birthday, we offer a glimpse into our humble beginnings, when branded hockey jerseys were cool and Savage Garden had a number-one single.”

Google has celebrated its birthday with a Doodle every year since its fourth birthday in 2002. However, the first Doodle, for the Burning Man festival in 1998, actually occurred before the company was technically founded. Let’s see some flashbacks,

google birthday google doodle
First Doodle, August 30th 1998, Google logo combined with the Burning Man festival graphic
google birthday google doodle
First animated Doodle, January 4th 2010, Google’s first animated logo comemmorated the birth anniversary of Sir Isaac Newton
google birthday google doodle
First interactive Doodle, May 21st 2010, Google’s celebration of Pac Man’s birth was so wildly popular that the interactive logo was given its own permanent page

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Here is the some Doodles that Google created for its birthday in past years,

Google's 4th birthday doodle
Google’s 4th birthday doodle
Google's 8th birthday doodle
Google’s 8th birthday doodle
Google's 9th birthday doodle
Google’s 9th birthday doodle
Google's 10th birthday doodle
Google’s 10th birthday doodle
Google's 11th birthday doodle
Google’s 11th birthday doodle
Google's 12th birthday doodle
Google’s 12th birthday doodle
Google's 13th birthday doodle
Google’s 13th birthday doodle
Google's 14th birthday doodle
Google’s 14th birthday doodle
Google's 15th birthday doodle
Google’s 15th birthday doodle
Google's 16th birthday doodle
Google’s 16th birthday doodle

The funny part is Google seems to really unknown when it was formed, because it has celebrated its birthday on September 27, but the year before that, had it as September 26. In 2004, its 6th birthday Doodle went online on September 7 and in the year before that, it was September 8. In fact, none of these dates seem to have any particular relevance. The company’s history has its incorporation date in 1998 – the nearest thing to a corporate birthday – as September 4.

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