GTA Online Players Beware: Extreme Exploits and Hackers on the Rise

Players of Grand Theft Auto Online (GTA Online) are being cautioned about “extreme exploits” harming the game. These hacks are so bad that the designer of one of the most famous anti-cheat systems has advised users to stop playing the game until the problem is resolved.

According to an insider, Tez2, players may lose all of their data if their accounts are compromised by hackers who know how to change and delete information from accounts. The new software enables hackers to manipulate user statistics in almost any way. They can, for example, add or subtract money, experience, stats, and so on. Some activities can even result in Rockstar banning an account, implying that an attacker can ban anybody. 

Tez2 warns that PC gamers do not connect to the game at this time since they may come across a hacker and lose their account. Video game developers and publishers will unconditionally remove changed accounts, calling them fraudulent.

However, the situation has worsened as reports imply that the attack may allow “partial remote code execution.” Speyedr, the author of the anti-cheat programme, has since temporarily restricted access to all builds, stating that he does not want anybody to try to play online. Due to the seriousness of this exploit, a single incorrect configuration or action might result in the loss of your account or possibly your PC files.

The leak of the GTA 5 source code last year is said to be one of the causes of the increased hacker activity. Rockstar is already working hard on a solution, although no formal remarks have been issued. Meanwhile, small solutions to the problem have emerged – for example, if the account has been “corrupted,” gamers are encouraged to delete the Rockstar Games folder from documents and re-download the game.

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