How To Select An IT Consulting Company

An IT consulting company refers to a group of professionals who help clients solve information technology-related problems. Especially in this day and age of technological advancements, it’s a given that many businesses are now utilizing many advanced tech solutions, from basic network analytics to more complex IT solutions.

Choosing an IT company can be quite a challenge, especially if you’ve never worked with one before. Apart from the overwhelming myriad of options, perhaps you don’t even know where to start or what to look for. Most IT consulting firms will obviously claim that they have considerable experience to back them up and extensive expertise. When you go through their portfolio, you’ll find them to have dozens of completed projects as well.

So, how do you create the select an IT consulting company that’ll help achieve your business goals better? This article gives you some insights:

1. Study The Profile

Start by studying the profile of well-established IT firms like Resilient Managed Computer Service. The most important thing that you’re looking for is their ability to successfully fulfill their clients’ IT-related needs at all times. It’s only fitting for you to check what the specific objectives of the IT company are to ensure that they can provide the appropriate solutions for your business’s needs.

There are so many IT companies now operating, and each of these has their fields of specialization. For instance:

  • Companies that are specialized in just one area, such as technical consulting;
  • Companies that have a very wide range of competencies, usually coming from the financial side of consulting;
  • Companies that also tackle management consulting.

2. Ask About Their Customer Service

If you’re going to invest in IT support and monitoring for your business, it helps to consult with professionals who possess excellent customer service skills. Remember that you’re not just going to be dealing with them once. Your goal is to establish a long-lasting professional relationship. The only way to achieve this is if they’re pleasing and amicable to deal with.

The truth is, you don’t even have to be a client yet for you to assess the quality of their customer service. For instance, how long did it take you to follow up once you’ve reached out to them and asked for a quotation? This can give you insights into how long it’ll take for you to wait for their services too, once you become a paying client.

3. Go Through The Services They Offer

Third, ask for a full list of the services they offer. You don’t necessarily have to go with the company with the most extensive list of services. What matters most is how they offer the right services to meet your needs. Otherwise, if they don’t offer the service that best addresses your needs, then there’ll only be a mismatch.

Of course, the choice is entirely up to you. If you’d like to go for one that has quite a comprehensive list of services, then that’s great too. That way, should you have an unexpected IT-related need, you wouldn’t have to jump to another company to have this problem solved. You can continue working with the one with whom you’ve already established trust.

4. Assess Their Reputation

If you’ve got colleagues or even relatives and friends that have also hired an IT consulting company in the past, you may want to get in touch with them to ask for their recommendations. This is one good way of assessing the reputation of certain IT companies. You wouldn’t want to make the costly mistake of dealing with a firm that’s sketchy or has a bad reputation for being ineffective and unprofessional.

If this first-hand opinion isn’t available to you, you can also browse through their website. There, you’ll have information about previous case studies, success stories, and testimonials from previous clients who became happy customers.

Follow your gut if there’s anything negative that you hear about a certain IT company. Especially if the issue stands out as a red flag to you. Remember that hiring these companies come at a price. You wouldn’t want to be the one to suffer an expensive mistake.

5. Narrow Down Based On The Markets They Operate In

Another one of the most important criteria in selecting an IT consulting firm is to check the markets they also operate in. This is also referred to as industry experience or the number of completed projects in a given industry.

Some common examples of these industries revolve around retail, food, pharmaceutical, construction, and of course, technology. Find out a few details on the following:

  • The type of projects that the company carried out in a certain industry;
  • Whether or not their clients in that market segment returned for more services;
  • When these projects in a particular market happened, and when they were completed;
  • Why the client from a certain market chose to work with this IT company.

Answering these questions can help you better understand and assess the level of expertise that the IT firm has in the market you belong to.

6. Analyze Your Goals And Needs

All other factors considered, you can only truly say that an IT consulting firm is perfect for you when you’ve analyzed your company’s situation, needs, and challenges. Otherwise, no matter how good an IT company might be, if what they offer don’t match with your needs, then they also won’t be able to maximize the full potential of their expertise.

Hence, it’s also very important to analyze your goals and needs. You can start by answering the following questions:

  • What is the main problem that needs to be addressed, and how can these be solved?
  • What are the causes of these main problems?
  • What are your expectations for hiring an IT consulting firm?

Once you’ve answered all these, it’ll also be easier to narrow down options based on what you want the IT firm to achieve for you.


The benefits of improving your business’s IT infrastructure can potentially transform your brand. If hiring an IT consulting company is part of your introduction to IT as an exciting field and an integral part of the modern marketplace, you want to select a firm carefully. Don’t shortlist yourself of the possibilities. Because of the demand for their services, it’s also a given that there are so many consulting companies operating in this industry. Your task is to make sure that you’re dealing with the perfect one for your company’s needs. The tips above aren’t exhaustive, but they can guide you through this selection process.

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