IBM Unveils End-to-End Quantum-Safe Technology for Post-Quantum Era

The emergence of quantum computers poses a significant threat to data security since the cryptographic algorithms used today could be broken by quantum computers. 

IBM announced its end-to-end quantum-safe technology at its annual Think conference in Orlando, Florida. The suite of tools and features is designed to help clients prepare for the post-quantum era. It includes quantum-secure cryptography that uses algorithms like lattice-based cryptography and hash-based cryptography, as well as post-quantum key exchange protocols.

The IBM Quantum Safe Explorer can scan source and object code to identify crypto assets, dependencies, and vulnerabilities to build a Cryptography Bill of Materials (CBOM). This allows teams to view and aggregate potential risks in one central location. The IBM Quantum Safe Advisor creates a dynamic view of the client’s crypto inventory to guide remediation, analyze their crypto posture and compliance, and prioritize risk. The IBM Quantum Safe Remediator enables the deployment and testing of quantum-safe remediation patterns based on best practices, understanding potential impacts on systems and assets in preparation for the deployment of quantum-safe solutions.

IBM has been working on quantum-secure cryptography for over a decade and has contributed to the development of many of the algorithms that are now considered quantum-secure. IBM Quantum Safe is not just a theoretical concept but a practical solution tested and validated in real-world scenarios. The suite of features is especially important for government agencies and businesses that handle their most valuable and sensitive data. In the post-quantum world, this data could be compromised if not protected by quantum-safety techniques.

IBM Quantum Safe also offers organizations a way to future-proof their security and ensure their data remains safe in the face of quantum computing advances. IBM is also announcing the IBM Quantum Safe Roadmap to understand and support this security transition. It is IBM’s first blueprint for technology milestones toward increasingly sophisticated quantum-secure technologies, enabling organizations to meet anticipated cryptographic standards and requirements through cryptographic agility and to avoid emerging vulnerabilities.

With IBM’s deep security expertise and commitment to developing practical solutions, IBM Quantum Safe has the potential to become the gold standard in quantum safety technology. The suite of features offers a practical solution to protect sensitive data in the post-quantum world. Organizations can rest assured that their data is safe even with the spread of quantum computers.

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