Instagram Now Allow Users To Take Pictures In Landscape Mode

Instagram,the famous photo-sharing social media service rolled out a major update,that will make its users more happy.Instagram has added new layout options in addition to its signature square for pictures and videos in a bid to attract more advertisers and to stop users defecting to more flexible services such as Snapchat.Now Instagram adds portrait and landscape options to its upload service

Facebook Inc bought Instagram for $1 billion in 2012,and this is the first major alteration done to it.The picture sharing app previously only employed a distinctive square framing method, meaning users often had to closely crop their images before uploading.And after many users demand for more framing variety, Instagram added this new feature and is also intended to encourage users to shoot more video content.

Nearly one in five photos or videos posted currently aren’t in the square format, leaving wide borders of white space, Instagram said.From Thursday onwards, Instagram’s web-based service and its mobile apps running on Google Inc’s Android system and Apple Inc’s iOS will allow portrait and landscape formats, giving both users and paying advertisers more options.Tapping the new format icon in the lower left-hand corner when uploading a picture allows users to choose between square, portrait and landscape orientations.

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While the photo automatically uploads as square, tapping the format icon provides a choice to keep the photo in its original orientation instead of cropping it to a square

Since Instagram believes that with this new feature they will get some hike in its advertising revenue.Instagram is expected to generate nearly $600 million in advertising revenue by the end of this year and $2.8 billion in 2017, according to projections from research firm eMarketer.This move also should help Instagram in its battle with newer rivals such as Snapchat for users in the fast-moving messaging and media-sharing market.Anyway users are really thrilled after getting this feature.

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  1. Instagram Landscape or Portrait modes are not working for me on my iPhone 6Plus running IOS 8.4.1 with Instagram 7.5 installed and reinstalled 3 times. Even though I have Insta..7.5 I do not have those two arrows displayed for me to select.


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