Can You Learn to Code on Your Phone?

Over time, coding has grown to join some of the highest-paid skills. And while learning to code takes time, you don’t have to be stuck to your desktop or computer to learn to code. Modern smartphones have similar capabilities as computers, and you can use them to learn to code.

Therefore, if you are among those who spend more than 3 hours daily on their phones, spending a few minutes learning to code will advance your coding knowledge in a short time.

The best thing is you don’t have to purchase an expensive phone, as both Androids and iPhones can be used. That said, below are some of the best coding apps and games to install on your phone.

1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is among the great and reputable platforms for beginners looking to start their journey in computer science. It is a non-profit platform, meaning you won’t spend much downloading and learning to code from the application. The app stocks a wide array of computer science courses, which enable learners to grasp the basic concepts of coding languages, such as drawing with HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and SQL.

Apart from video-based and lecture-designed courses, Khan Academy offers plenty of interactive challenges that allow learners to put what they have learned theoretically into practice.

2. Grasshopper

Grasshopper is a great app for enthusiastic learners who want to learn basic programming principles. This Google-developed application is also free and covers the basics of JavaScript programming languages, which transforms you from an absolute beginner to an average coder.

Fast learners can grasp programming concepts quickly by learning various objects and properties. Generally, Grasshopper provides an easy and great walkthrough that allows learners to see immediate results.

3. Mimo

Mimo is another great app for anyone who would like to start their coding journey. Designed to be beginner-friendly, Mimo has gaming features that teach users to code using various games and quizzes. The app also has a reward system, whereby learners who complete daily lessons are rewarded with coins that they can use to purchase special in-app features.

Even though Mimo targets beginners, the app teaches many programming languages, including C++, JavaScript, Python, and HTML. What’s great about this app is you can personalize your learning experience right from the start. As you begin your classes, Mimo will ask for your preferred area in coding, be it Python or web development. The app is also free to use and has both Android and iOS versions.

4. SoloLearn

SoloLearn is another beginner-friendly coding app for beginners looking to advance their coding knowledge. After downloading the application, you start taking short courses on specific programming topics, such as HTML, machine learning, C++, and JavaScript. Unlike other applications, you have to take a quiz after every short course.

Fortunately, you don’t have to learn alone on this platform. The app has a sense of communism, which provides beginners with the support required and connects them with other programmers. The application has a social media feed and discussion button specifically for this purpose. While the basic app is free to download, it has a paid “pro” version. It is also compatible with smartphones and desktops.

5. Programming Hub

Programming hub is another respectable coding app for beginners looking to master coding. This app joins the list of a few learning apps with approval seals from Google and Facebook. The application has an extensive library of learning resources designed to suit first-time learners.

Apart from great course design, all courses have interactive games designed to keep learners motivated during the learning process. Some of the topics included in the Programming Hub include CSS, SEO, and HTML. However, if you subscribe to the paid version, you can access advanced topics, like SQL, ethical hacking, and Java Spring. That aside, the app gives learners an e-certificate displayed on your LinkedIn profile for every lesson. This is a good perk, considering its strong reputation.

6. Codecademy Go

With more than 45 million verified users, Codecademy Go is another popular programming learning app. While it has gained a reputation for stellar web-based learning, Codecademy Go recently developed iOS and Android apps for mobile learners. You can learn various HTML, Python, JavaScript, and CSS concepts from the app.

However, unlike other applications mentioned above, you should use the Codecademy Go app alongside its web platform. It isn’t a standalone app and should be used as a guide to review important concepts on the go.

The Bottom Line

Unlike before, learning to code on your phone is currently possible. The wide array of mobile-friendly coding apps, games, and platforms makes it easy and convenient for everyone to learn to code. If you want to master coding beyond the basics, you can sign up for online classes from reputable schools. Members of the military and veterans can use GI Bill Benefits to pay for their tuition fees.

Nethra Gupta
Nethra Gupta
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