Microsoft Edge Experiment Shows How Using Edge Instead of Chrome Saves your Laptop’s Battery

Google Chrome – favorite browser of majority of PC users. We all know Chrome eats a lot of our PC’s RAM even also its the no.1 browser around the planet. But the recent Microsoft Edge experiment results clearly shows how Google Chrome badly drains your laptop’s battery than other popular browsers.

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Microsoft Edge Experiment

Microsoft did this experiment to shows how its Edge browser is better and power saving than any other available browsers.  Microsoft Edge experiment done through three tests to measure the power consumption by browsers. First they tested browser’s power consumption in a controlled lab environment by measuring typical browsing behavior on popular sites. Secondly examined the real-world energy telemetry from millions of Windows 10 devices. And finally, recorded time-lapse videos of each browser performing the same tasks until the battery dies. And the test results shows that Microsoft Edge wins out in every case and crowned as the most power efficient browser.

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In Microsoft Edge experiment video, they used four identical fully charged laptops with four different browsers – Mozilla Firefox,Microsoft Edge,Google Chrome and Opera to check how long streaming HD video lasts. And the results were amazing the laptop one with Microsoft Edge lasts for 7 hours and 22 minutes on the streaming video test where Chrome drained battery first by playing video for just 4 hours and 19 minutes. After Chrome, Mozilla Firefox ended up playing for 5 hours and 9 minutes. And then Opera lasts to play 6 hours and 18 minutes. In short in the Microsoft Edge experiment, the PC running Edge lasted 70% longer than PC running Chrome, 43% longer than the PC running Firefox and 17% longer than the PC running Opera.

In these four popular browsers, new comer Edge succeeded to save battery life and also world’s no.1 Chrome became the last word of most power consuming browser. Google is implementing many technique to improve Chrome browsing speed but they forget to improve its power efficiency and memory consumption.

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