Microsoft Launches Edge Workspaces Feature for Collaborative Browsing

Microsoft has introduced a new feature called Edge Workspaces, which allows users to share groups of tabs with friends and family. The feature was first shown as a public preview for enterprises in October, allowing multiple people to share the same tab after signing in to their Microsoft account. Designed to give access to sets, the feature has now been launched as a private preview for individuals.

According to the Microsoft Edge team, Edge Workspaces provides a great way to isolate browsing tasks into their window to help users stay focused and organized. Workspaces allow groups to create a shared view of web pages and documents in their browser window, which is updated in real-time. Users who join the workspace can add new tabs, documents, and favourites and see real-time activity associated with shared browser tabs.

Edge Workspaces does not share browser screens and browser data between participants. Each participant can only view content to which they have been granted access, and access to Edge Workspaces requires signing in with a Microsoft account. Therefore, everyone must log in with their credentials to access email and content and apply for permission to view documents in Microsoft 365 if they are not authenticated.

Microsoft has also ensured that Edge Workspaces does not distribute sensitive data such as cookies and credentials to other users with access to the workspace. The feature is only available for Windows and macOS, and Microsoft plans to expand the currently limited group of testers in the coming months.

Edge Workspaces can be accessed through a public preview, but users must use Microsoft Edge version 111.0.1661.51 or higher and be signed in to their Microsoft account. Users will receive five preview invitations to send to their friends and family.

This new feature from Microsoft is expected to enhance collaboration among friends and family, allowing them to share tabs and documents in real time. It can also benefit individuals who want to stay organized and focused on specific tasks. The introduction of Edge Workspaces highlights Microsoft’s focus on improving collaboration and productivity in its applications.

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